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PR: TrustSwap Revolutionizing DeFi Sector With Strategic Partnerships

Using cryptocurrencies in the real world continues to be a significant challenge. Some cryptos attract high fees in addition to the existence of fewer places that accept digital currency as payment. Thanks to the emergence of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), there is a new cryptocurrency revolution. TrustSwap is one of the red hot projects in this space.

TrustSwap is a recently launched DeFi platform leading the way to become the world's top smart contract software and services. Through its various services, TrustSwap helps keep assets flowing through the cryptocurrency sector while at the same time facilitating wide-scale cryptocurrency adoption. TrustSwap also hosts a leading Launchpad service that seeks to speed up the development of different DeFi projects.

To realize its vision, TrustSwap has unique features such as the TS SmartLock. The system offers a cryptocurrency option for time or event-based cryptocurrency transactions. Interestingly, the feature can handle both single and multiple transactions. Its flexibility makes it ideal for serving as a payroll service for small businesses. It reduces costs for firms using the services of accounting software.

TrustSwap also facilitates a unique peer-to-peer cryptocurrency swap through a smart contract-based escrow arrangement. Through the TS SmartSwap service, users can transact millions of dollars in assets in a secure and trusted manner. Notably, the transaction costs are very affordable.

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TrustSwap investors can also take advantage of the staking service to earn passive income over time. The service comes with several benefits. For example, 80% of all TrustSwap fees paid in SWAP are distributed as staking rewards proportional to the staked amount. Furthermore, the staked SWAP will accrue SwapStats, including DASH and SwapScore. These metrics help determine eligibility for SwapDrops and pre sale allocation for projects on the Launchpad.

TrustSwap, led by CEO and founder Jeff Kirdeikis, recently announced the acquisition of Team.Finance, a blockchain-based company and one of their biggest competitors. The addition blends the DeFi platforms of two significant providers of token lock and liquidity lock services, creating a unified platform poised for explosive growth.

In less than one year, the TrustSwap platform has launched a few notable projects, including Chain games, MobiePay, AuBit, and Coin. The launch of these projects indicates that TrustSwap is not content with just being a software service provider. The projects were launched through its smart contract features and formidable marketing support.

To reach more people, TrustSwap has partnered with Connect Financial to offer a custom made Visa powered credit card. Through the card, holders will be able to use SWAP tokens as collateral and spend money using the card anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted.

The sky is the limit for TrustSwap, having made a mark in the growing DeFi industry in just a few months. Already, the platform has earned the trust of leading crypto projects. The Team has lined up a series of new projects by remaining innovative to meet user and community needs. Generally, TrustSwap’s vision is aimed towards becoming a market leader in smart contract software and services to help the cryptocurrency sector grow by providing other startups the tools they need to launch.

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TrustSwap is a DeFi platform positioned to become the world leader in smart contract software and services. Its wide range of service offerings helps keep assets flowing through the cryptocurrency industry and facilitates greater cryptocurrency adoption in the wider world. TrustSwap aims to revolutionize how crypto businesses move their assets and help to speed up the development of a variety of DeFi projects via its industry-leading Launchpad service.

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