Orbs To Sponsor TON’s Hack-a-TONx Hackathons

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The TON Foundation will launch a series of TON hackathon events and has invited blockchain developers globally to show off their skills.

The TON Foundation will launch a series of TON hackathon events and has invited blockchain developers globally to show off their skills.

TON To Host Hack-a-TONx Hackathons

The TON Foundation is set to host a series of TON hackathon events. In a press release shared with Cryptowisser, the team revealed that the two events would be sponsored by Orbs, the Layer-3 scaling infrastructure protocol. 

The hackathon events will be held in 14 global cities later this month. Orbs revealed that it would be sponsoring the Hack-a-TONx events in Tel Aviv and London. The events are being organized by the TON Foundation and DoraHacks, and the best developer teams will have a shot at winning a share of the $250,000 prize kitty that’s on offer. 

According to the team, the Tel Aviv hackathon will take place over two days from February 19, with the London event beginning on February 25. Orbs, as the official sponsor of the two events, will have its experts on hand to provide advice and mentorship to all participants.

The hackathon events will have in attendance a TON ambassador and Orbs technical co-founder Tal Kol, and senior software engineer Shahar Yakir. A panel of four technical judges, which includes Yakir, will be tasked with evaluating all code submissions at the physical and online events, helping to choose the winners of each category. 

The TON blockchain is a Layer-1 network that’s seen as an emerging rival to Ethereum, able to support all manner of decentralized applications. TON is known to be far more scalable than Ethereum, supporting millions of transactions per second. It was first created by Telegram founders Pavel and Nikolai Durov but is now led by the open-source TON Foundation. 

Meanwhile, Orbs has become a key partner in TON’s ecosystem over the last 12 months. Orbs is a virtual chain infrastructure layer for decentralized applications that provides benefits, including faster transactions at lower costs, together with multichain interoperability. 

In addition to the London and Tel Aviv hackathons, there will be further events in cities including Istanbul, Seoul and Tokyo. The hackathon will focus on various areas, including DAOs, DeFi and Decentralized Digital Identity (DID). 

The events are designed to boost the expansion of the TON blockchain ecosystem, and they should provide a real opportunity to any developer who has a good idea for a new project. 

In addition to providing the winners with the prize money, TON said participants would also have the chance to apply for a grant from the TON Foundation’s $250 million TONcoin Fund and meet interested investors who’ll be following the events. 


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