Binance Achieves 200 Million User Registrations, Announces 200 BNB Giveaway

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Binance now has 200 million users and celebrates this big success with a special giveaway of 200 BNB.

Binance now has 200 million users and celebrates this big success with a special giveaway of 200 BNB.  The giveaway will distribute a total of 200 BNB in rewards to celebrate this special event. The activity period starts on June 10, 2024, at 08:00 (UTC) and ends on June 15, 2024, at 07:59 (UTC).


Cryptocurrency investors interested in taking part in this event can sign up directly from our Binance review

Participants can take part in the giveaway by following a few simple steps:

  1. Visit the designated landing page.

  2. Click the "Do it" button next to a mission of choice.

  3. Finish tasks inside the activity time to get Activity attempts. Different ways of finishing a task will not be counted as valid.

  4. Press "GO" on the starting page to try an activity. The reward will depend on where the cursor stops.

The rewards participants can win have different BNB amounts, starting from 0.001 BNB up to 1 BNB. Also, those who qualify for part of the 20 BNB Rewards Pool will get their share within two weeks after the event ends.

To have more chances of winning, participants need to unlock additional activity attempts by doing certain tasks. These tasks include inviting a friend to create a Binance account, trading different cryptocurrency pairs, buying crypto through the Binance P2P platform, or adding money using the Fiat Deposit method.

It is important to note:

  • Each mission can only be done one time by each person during the activity period, except for the referral mission. The referral mission can be done many times.

  • The sharing of the 20 BNB Rewards Pool will depend on how many times qualified users have won the reward in relation to the complete number of winning tries.

  • As Binance keeps expanding and hitting new achievements in the cryptocurrency world, this giveaway acts as a sign of gratitude to the lively community that has helped make its success possible.

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