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Bloomify Advanced Yield Optimizer Earn, Invest and Gain Profit

Yield farming is a way of earning interest in cryptocurrencies that grew extraordinarily popular starting in 2020. It's popularity is because, yield farming gives you the chance to earn returns that can be significantly better than receiving interest on a savings account.  

While conventional yield optimizers gained traction in crypto, they provided a solution, but the system didn't satisfy the essential aspects of savvy investing like profit-taking and diversifying holdings.

Therefore, Bloomify aims to surpass what yield optimizers can do for crypto. The platform's ability to invest in multi-layered strategies rather than just auto-compounding ensures that profit taking is a part of the process. 

What is Bloomify, and how does it work? 

Bloomify is an advanced yield optimizer that allows users to choose between Accumulators, Profit-Takers, conventional Vaults, Farms and semi-customizable Advanced Strategies.Bloomify's features assist the user in saving time and enhancing their planning capabilities. Bloomify's functionality makes it simple for its customers to semi-automate their financial transactions.

The Users can benefit from Accumulators’ strategy and access stablecoin LPs, which allow them to accumulate riskier assets with less exposure as new funds are not needed. 

And with the Profit-takers strategy, the users can automate the process of harvesting profits from risky assets and converting them into stablecoins so the investments may continue to build. This strategy can work well to farm high inflation assets with high APYs, encouraging users to take profit responsibly. This way, the user is also prevented from getting stuck in an inflationary token without recovering the initial investment.

These two revolutionary breakthroughs were developed to reduce the key pain points for customers and to make widespread procedures like dollar cost averaging and recovering the original cost of investments easier to carry out. 

By doing all of these things, Bloomify aims to provide a solution that is more modern and effective for yield optimizers. 

What differentiates Bloomify from other similar services?

Traditional Yield Optimizers are notorious for compounding 100% of investment back into the staked LP, lack opportunities to take profits, limit diversification and often result in the user having a high number of LP tokens with a decreasing dollar value. With Bloomify, all these things change. Bloomify users have:

  • the ability to create multi-layered strategies;
  • the ability to reduce exposure while still investing in new projects;
  • the ability to take profit;
  • the encouragement to diversify their holdings;
  • increased flexibility and some degree of customization.

Aside from that, the profit made via Bloomify may either be used as passive income or to further additional investments.

It is unnecessary to invest with multiple wallets as a single one can have an infinite number of strategies. As for advanced strategies, they only need to be set up once and run as frequently as the investor desires. 

Furthermore, Bloomify has two native tokens - $Charge and $Static. 

$Charge is a platform token that can be held and staked to earn a portion of Performance Fees paid out in $Static. And, of course, the $Static is the reward token in which you may receive a portion of Performance Fees, as mentioned before, and can also be used to pay discounted Run Fees on Advanced Strategies. 

Staking $Charge allows users to share in the Performance Fee rewards and profit from their platform's growth. As TVL increases, rewards increase back to $Charge stakers!


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