The Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges For European Investors In 2022

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Our team have gone through all the top cryptocurrency exchanges based on trading volume, options, promotions, fees, and various other criteria we deem to be valuable to our readers

Cryptocurrency seems to be in the news on an almost daily basis at the moment, and for good reason. Despite turbulent times in the last few weeks, Bitcoin has outperformed numerous other major asset classes over the past decade.

This has led to a growing demand for access to cryptocurrency trading platforms across the globe. Needless to say, Europeans are regularly wondering where is the best place to buy and sell digital assets. 

With leading companies like Visa, PayPal, and Tesla already offering cryptocurrency as a payment method, it’s no surprise so many of our readers have requested information regarding the best trading platforms for Europeans. 

Our team have gone through all the top cryptocurrency exchanges based on trading volume, options, promotions, fees, and various other criteria we deem to be valuable to our readers. We’ve put together a comprehensive list for European crypto investors, detailing the top five cryptocurrency exchanges around.


Coinbase is arguably the most widely-recognised trading platform on our list, especially among European and North American investors, where it holds the lion’s share of the market. The platform is adaptable, offering a Pro version for the more experienced trader and a regular version for beginners, both feature an intuitive interface. 

Amidst a lack of trust among certain major blockchain networks and exchanges, Coinbase is one that has had a clean history. The network has never been hacked and boasted a first-rate two-factor authentication, whitelisting, and cold storage options for funds. 

Users can earn up to 6% in staking rewards across a variety of major coins. The platform also regularly offers options for deposits, meaning users can move Euros in and out of their account using SEPA, your bank, or using a debit/credit card. One criticism of the company is the high trading fees when compared to other major platforms. 


eToro has been online for longer than any other crypto exchange on this list, first offering its services in 2007. The company stands as one of the largest financial brokerages in the world, with over 26.9 registered users. With an adaptable mobile app, trading has become increasingly popular due to the demand for on-the-go trading. 

One of the features we loved about the platform is the $100,000 demo trading account, which allows beginners to get a taste of how trading works before they start trading with their own money. eToro may not offer the same broad range of coins as other exchanges, such as Coinbase and Kraken, but it has a solid list of all the major digital assets. 

Another aspect of the exchange that will also appeal to crypto newcomers is the social trading experience which allows users to carry out “copy trading” and mimic the transactions of other, often more experienced, traders. One downside to the platform is that there is a fiat withdrawal fee of $5, which is quite a lot for those users that like to work with both types of currency. 


BlockFi is a New York City-based cryptocurrency institution, first coming online back in 2017, touted as one of the leading exchanges for high yield earning. BlockFi offers exchange features but simplifies the process. This differs from other high volume exchanges like Binance and FTX. 

The main appeal of BlockFi is the earn feature, giving a high percentage yield on major currencies, acting as a pseudo bank for digital assets. Certainly a great option for the European crypto enthusiast. 

Its simplicity of it makes it a great option for new investors. On top of that, the mobile app makes trading assets simple and doesn’t require going through a variety of steps to complete a simple transaction. One issue with this is the lack of market information and trading data, which seem standard across other exchanges on this list. 


Gemini is run by the Winklevoss brothers, who were the ones who famously sued Mark Zuckerberg over the rights to Facebook. The exchange launched way back in 2015 and has surged in popularity, offering a range of competitions, coin bonuses, as well as a long list of cryptocurrencies to invest in. 

The company heads have focused on the future, striving to be one of the go-to platforms for investors the world over. A big part of that is adjusting to the ever-changing crypto landscape, specifically related to regulations that Gemini has kept in line over the years. Many crypto pundits see Gemini as the futures trading platform for this reason. 

From major blockchain tokens to altcoins, you’ll find a range of options at Gemini. The simplistic and easy-to-use interface makes trading a seamless process. If you’re a day trader, the platform offers a feature called ActiveTrader, which provides a more detailed market analysis. We would like to see Gemini lower its fees on withdrawals and trading if it’s to really compete with the industry leaders.


Bitpanda is an exchange that doesn’t get enough coverage. An Austrian multi-asset trading platform, offering cryptocurrency, stock, ETF, and commodities trading to European traders. The company was founded in 2014 and stands as one of the fast-growing platforms in Europe, with some 3 million users across the continent. 

One of the standout things about the platform is the community, which includes the company’s support team, creating a very enjoyable trading experience. The company boasts a first-rate reputation and hasn’t experienced any major security breaches over the years, giving its users confidence when trading. 

For the long-term investor, Bitpanda has a simple Savings Plan, which lets you Euro-cost average into Bitcoin and other currencies to reduce the effects of market volatility. Bitpanda also offers a Visa card, which gives users the option to earn BTC cashback for every purchase made. We should mention that the exchange lacks an earn feature, which we expect from top-tier providers. 

Closing Thoughts

Most of the exchanges on our list offer mobile apps, for both Android and iOS, giving users easy access to manage their portfolios. Finding the right exchange is about understanding your preferences and finding the optimal platform to cater to your needs.

Coinbase is probably the most established exchange on our list, though it doesn’t have the yield earn potential of an exchange like BlockFi, notably for major coins such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). While eToro is a hybrid trading platform, offering fiat currency and forex trading options, as well as a solid list of crypto assets to enjoy. 

Our advice is a browse through the recommended exchanges here and sees which one catches your eye. 


Mark Weaden

Mark Weaden is a British researcher and crypto enthusiast, living in Barcelona. His work has been published on a variety of leading cryptocurrency sites.

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