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Fun Ways To Spend Bitcoin This Summer

Bitcoin is the preferred currency of many people, especially millennials. As we head towards another summer, Bitcoin users are already thinking of the fun ways they can spend their favourite cryptocurrency. There are in fact more fun ways to spend Bitcoin than most would realise. This is great news for those with a hefty amount to spend. We’ve listed some of our favourite ways to spend Bitcoin this summer below.

Travelling & Reading

Summer is the time of year when most people travel and go on holidays. There will be flights and accommodation to pay for and the great news is, if you use Bitcoin, doing so will be a breeze. There are plenty of websites out there which specialise in travel for those wishing to pay using Bitcoin. You can use many different platforms for arranging, booking and paying for holidays. The list includes Berkeley Travel (luxury), ABitSky and

And when on holiday, what’s more relaxing than just sitting back and reading a great book? Barnes & Noble is one of the most famous book stores in the world. Through their partnership with the payment service provider Flexa and the major cryptocurrency exchange Gemini – Barnes & Noble will now accept Bitcoin as payment for their products. Head over there to buy a book right now!


Gaming is an activity that most will partake in all year round. Even more so during the summer as it does provide the perfect pick me up during downtime when on holiday. Some may believe that the opportunity to use Bitcoin here is limited, with super fun brands like mFortune bingo yet to accommodate cryptocurrencies. However, Bitcoin users have plenty of options when it comes to gaming and gambling these days, with there being a few quality Bitcoin based online gaming platforms out there. Gamers can also enjoy video games thanks to Bitcoin too, with online retailers specialising in selling codes and keys for gamers wishing to pay with Bitcoin.

New Clothes

A change of wardrobe and a shopping spree often comes with the summer, and who doesn’t love shopping, right? Nearly everyone will go out of their way to buy a few new items of clothing when the warm weather hits. Especially so if they’re heading off on a holiday. Today, getting your shopping done with Bitcoin has never been easier. There are many online retailers who accept Bitcoin, and if a person can’t find what they’re looking for, using search engines such as SpendaBit should lead them directly to it.

Food and Drinks

There’s also food and dining to consider when the summer kicks in too. During summer time, more of us are likely to eat out, but also more likely to cook at home for friends and family. Whether a person is looking to grab their morning coffee or they’re looking to head out for a meal, there are now establishments which accept Bitcoin as payment. There are also online retailers out there who sell products that are perfect for those wishing to entertain at home or in the garden.

As you can see, there are plenty of fun ways to use Bitcoin this summer, and they’re not only fun, they’re very useful too. Navigating and enjoying the warmer months of the year using Bitcoin is no longer a struggle. The hassle is completely taken out of it thanks to more and more retailers accepting Bitcoin as a way to pay.


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