Why did you create Cryptowisser?

We want the cryptocurrency market to be available on equal terms to everyone. The obstacles of choosing the right exchange, the right wallet or to navigate among the thousands of coins etc., might seem insurmountable to most new investors, but is difficult also for experienced investors. We want to help both new and experienced cryptoinvestors with overcoming such obstacles. That is why we created Cryptowisser. For more information on Cryptowisser's origin, read this blog post.

Have you listed all coin exchanges in the world?

Hardly… But we have listed more coin exchanges than any other site in the world! We have over 570 cryptocurrency exchanges in our list that are or have been the leaders in the industry in terms of users and trading volumes. So, even if we do not have every single coin exchange in the world on our website, we have at least double the amount than any of our peers.

How have you obtained the information on the exchanges and other parties listed on your website?

We have obtained the information through the exchanges' (and other parties') respective websites, through contact with representatives from the exchanges (and other parties), and – in a few cases – through using the exchanges (or other relevant services) ourselves.

How do you make money?

When we have helped you choose e.g. an exchange, card or wallet through our comparison table or finder tool, and you start using such entity, they give us some “thank you-money” (affiliate commission) for providing them with a new customer. The exchange, card or wallet companies that we have affiliate agreements with are also grouped together and placed in the top of their relevant lists. We also make money through ads.

Who owns Cryptowisser?

Cryptowisser is fully owned by its employees! Cryptowisser has no ownership interests in any of the exchanges, casinos, wallets, cards or merchants listed on the site.

I represent a company that wants to be listed at your website. What should I do?

Please contact [email protected] and provide us with the information we list for the other entities in the comparison table. It’s as easy as that!

I represent a company listed on your website and certain information is obsolete/incorrect. How can I change such obsolete/incorrect information?

Please contact [email protected] with the updated/correct information and we’ll update quicker than the speed of light! Maybe not quicker, or even close to as quick, but we will do it at least. Quick.

Do you have an app?

No, we don’t. But if you would really really want us to have one, please let us know at [email protected] and we’ll consider it!

What does Cryptowisser really mean?

Cryptowisser is a take on the German word "besserwisser", which roughly translates into "know-it-all". So we are a "crypto know-it-all", at your service!

If I represent an exchange that becomes listed on your site, will I be listed forever?

Normally, yes. However, if the exchange is exposed as a scam or is closed down, the exchange will be moved to the Exchange Graveyard.

If I have submitted an article or press release for publication, will it be on your site forever?

The normal period of display on our site is 12 months (unless otherwise agreed). However, if we have received an article from a contributor which turns out to promote, link to, or in any other way endorse a product or service which has been exposed to be a scam, such article (or the relevant content in such article) will be removed. If the article has been paid for (for instance, a press release), and later turns out to be promoting, linking to or otherwise endorsing a product or service which has been exposed to be a scam, there will be no refunds.  

How do you prevent abuse of the user score rating?

There is a manipulation risk when ranking by user scores. Regardless, we feel that ranking by user score is the most democratic approach. We have a system which monitors all parties' respective user scores, and if we see that e.g. an exchange has received a 5-star rating from someone with a certain IP-number, and that 20-30 other exchanges have received 1-star ratings from someone with the same IP-number, we reserve the right to roll back these user scores to ensure accuracy and fairness in the rating system. We are continously improving and enhancing this monitoring system.

What is your policy on organised boosting?

All 1-5 star ratings submitted to Cryptowisser.com must be submitted by an individual user of a company listed in any of our lists (a “Listed Party”). A Listed Party may not offer any direct or indirect compensation in order to encourage or incentivize its users to give reviews. Moreover, each such individual user may only vote for each Listed Party once.

There are companies and individuals that practice “organised boosting” (see definition below), claiming they can submit reviews and boost a Listed Party's ranking at Cryptowisser.com. Using any of these services violates our policies, and Listed Parties have been penalised for using them.

Organised boosting” in this regard is when a third-party company, bot or individual is employed or engaged, paid or unpaid, to systemically give, or encourage or incentivize others to give, ratings (typically 5-star ratings) with the intent of improving the rank of a specific Listed Party or diminish the rank (typically 1-star ratings) of another Listed Party. All reports of organised boosting will be fully investigated.

I represent a company listed on your site (or another customer), and you have removed our affiliate link? Why?

We can only accept affiliate links where: (i) we have no reason to believe that the people we refer will be treated unfairly, (ii) we can properly track the results of our referrals through an informative affiliate dashboard or similar, and (iii) the results presented to us are credible. The consequence of roman numerical (iii) is that if the industry average data is 5-10 USD of affiliate revenue generated by a user during a 3 month-period, and the affiliate revenue allegedly generated by the referrals sent to your company is less than 0.05 USD per user during such period of time, we can - in our sole discretion - deem the results presented to not be credible (NB: the numbers in the foregoing sentence are just examples). 

The abovementioned not only applies to links but also all other advertisement purchased on Cryptowisser.com (i.e., banners, premium placements, article placements etc.).

There will be no refunds if an affiliate link or any other advertisment purchased on Cryptowisser.com has been removed in accordance with the above.