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Gulden Review

Gulden is a Netherlands based cryptocurrency. The name comes from the German and Dutch term for “gold coin”.

10% of the cryptocurrency was premined for the founders. The cryptocurrency uses a combination of PoW and PoS, in which 80% of the mining rewards are given to the PoW miner, while 20% is given to the PoS “witness” who stakes their Gulden. Each block is generated every 2.5 minutes.

Gulden Simplicity

It started because Bitcoin was seen as too complicated to use for the common person in the Netherlands. Gulden aims to make things simpler and easy to use and understand. This is seen through their iOS and Android app which are very simplistic.

In addition, their app allows one to pay with Gulden at merchants that only accept Bitcoin by partnering with, which instantly converts Gulden to Bitcoin. Users don’t even need to know that this conversion happens when paying at merchants.

Gulden Transaction Speed

The founders also felt that Bitcoin’s transaction speeds were too slow. Gulden is supposedly able to process 40 transactions per second vs Bitcoin’s 7-8.

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