Trump’s Presidential Campaign Now Accepts Crypto Donations

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The Donald J Trump Presidential Campaign now accepts cryptocurrency donations, becoming the first major party candidate in the United States to do so.


  • Donald Trump has become the first major party candidate in the United States to accept crypto donations.

  • Trump has yet to propose any concrete crypto policies but has signalled his friendliness to crypto.

Trump Campaign Now Accept Crypto Donations

The Donald J. Trump Presidential Campaign announced on Tuesday that they now accept cryptocurrency donations. This comes after the Republican presidential candidate pledged to become the first major party candidate to embrace bitcoin, ether and other digital currencies.

The announcement also comes a few weeks after Trump declared himself crypto’s candidate at a Mar-a-Lago gala that thrust crypto into the 2024 campaign.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Trump campaign said they will build a crypto army to combat the infamous "anti-crypto army" that Senator Elizabeth Warren is focusing on.

While Trump has shown his friendliness towards cryptocurrencies, he has yet to propose any concrete policies for the industry. However, his support for cryptocurrencies is winning his support in the market thanks to Joe Biden’s anti-crypto stance in the past.

Cryptocurrency remains a hot topic of discussion in the United States, with the country yet to roll out a comprehensive crypto policy.


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