Top 3 Tokens to Buy in 2024. DFC – the best for 2024.

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1. Definder Capital (DFC) 2. Chainlink (LINK) 3. Injective (INJ)

The cryptocurrency market has been in a bullish mode over the last couple of months. Bitcoin is trading above the $40k region while Ether is also above $2,500 per coin.

With the market in a bullish mode, one of the biggest headaches for investors is to determine the coins and tokens to invest in. The cryptocurrency market has thousands of assets available to investors.

The question is: which cryptocurrencies to buy in 2024? Where to find new $DOGE, $PEPE and $BONK that give +1000% to deposit? 

However, in this post, we will look at the top 3 tokens to buy in 2024 and why they could record massive growth in the coming months. 

Top 3 Tokens to Buy This Year

DeFinder Capital ($DFC)

Top of the list is DFC token. DeFinder Capital is an exciting project on the TON blockchain and is powered by its native token, DFC. 

What is DeFinder Capital? 

DFC (DeFinder Capital, or DF Capital) is the largest Web 3.0 ecosystem on TON blockchain, with 100+ projects on board. Their big idea is to roll out various services and products, all connected through their own $DFC token. 

DF Capital made this list because the project has outlined a wide range of goals it intends to achieve. The first is to create a top DAO on the TON blockchain, which will be saturated with products and services based on the DFC fan token. The second is to achieve a billion-dollar capitalization of the project.

The second goal of reaching a billion-dollar market cap can be achieved, but there is still a long way to go from here. At the moment, DFC, DeFinder’s native token is trading at $2.43 per token and has a total market cap of $18.7 million. To reach a $1 billion market cap, DFC would have to rally by more than 100x in the coming months and years.

However, the token has performed well since its launch roughly a month ago. DFC is currently trading on the MEXC cryptocurrency exchange. According to the data obtained from MEXC, DFC has rallied by more than 2,000% since it began trading on the cryptocurrency exchange.

DeFinder Capital (DFC) Price Predictions

Let's take a quick look at the technical analysis of the MEXC trading pair to get a better understanding of whether it's worth buying now. The chart data is valid from 24/01/2024.

So, on the 4-hour timeframe we can see that DFC has entered the growth phase, its price is slowly but surely rising. DFC has already hit a new high of $2 and is confidently heading towards ATH renewal. It has risen by 3000% since listing and some downside seems inevitable. The market depth indicator shows that supply far outstrips demand and trading volumes are starting to fall. However, the arrows of the TradingView indicators on the 15-minute timeframe have returned to the ‘buy’ position after some fluctuations. Moving to a longer timeframe, the outlook is also favorable. Most likely, if this pattern continues, we could see a price of $5 - $10 in the near future. 

Our opinion is supported by reputable crypto experts, including some of the most respected media personalities in the cryptocurrency space, who are doing a dissection of the DFC project. One of them writes that ‘if you analyze its instantaneous growth over the past few months, DFC could very well reach both the $10 and $100 marks in the long run’.

Is DFC Token Worth Buying?

The token could rally higher in the coming months and years, thanks to the wide range of products and features the DeFinder team has rolled out or plans to release. 

The first major catalyst that could push DFC’s price higher is to increase the number of token holders. At the moment, there are more than 8,000 DFC DAO token holders. The team is planning to get the token listed on other leading centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Listing DFC on exchanges like Binance, Bybit, and KuCoin, could see DFC’s price soar higher. History shows that tokens listed on these exchanges usually surge higher within a short period. 

Another major catalyst that could push DFC’s price higher in the coming months is its growing community. At the moment, there are more than 250,000 community members on its Telegram channel. This indicates that the project is still new, and the community is growing. As the community grows, so also the number of token holders and investors. Ultimately, this will lead to an increase in DFC’s price. 

Finally, the third major catalyst that could boost DFC’s price in the near to medium term is its partnership with DeLab, a TON software company. The partnership will see the two entities add new products to the DeFinder ecosystem. These products will most likely use DFC as their native token, thus, increasing DFC’s utility in the market. As the utility increases, so does the price. 

The DeFinder team is confident that the price will reach $100 in the coming months. While that is still a long way to go, the team is on track. The rest depends on internal factors and how the broader cryptocurrency market performs over the next few months. 

Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink has been around for a while but remains one of the most promising projects in the crypto space. Chainlink is a decentralized Oracle network that provides secure and reliable data feeds to smart contracts. 

Over the last few years, Chainlink has launched several products including CCIP, Data Feeds, and several others. These products have gained massive adoption from numerous companies within the crypto ecosystem.

Chainlink is used by many DeFi applications to provide real-world data to their contracts. Its native token, LINK, is expected to continue to grow in popularity in 2024, as more projects adopt Chainlink’s products. 

At the moment, LINK is trading in $15.50, still down by 70% from the all-time high of $52 it reached three years ago. With the right level of adoption, LINK could surge higher in the coming months and years.

Injective (INJ)

Injective’s INJ coin was one of the best performers in 2023. The coin rallied by more than 30% last year as adoption rate soars higher. 

Injective Protocol is a Layer-1 DeFi protocol built for finance. It is an open interoperable smart contracts-enabled blockchain optimized for DeFi applications. What makes this project unique ist that it provides plug-and-play modules, including an order book and derivatives trading module. This makes it easy for developers to quickly launch finance applications with inherent value. 

The addition of smart contract capabilities also means that developers can build complex applications with cutting-edge protocols. Injective is built with Cosmos-SDK and it leverages  Tendermint-based Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism to achieve instant transaction finality while sustaining lightning-fast speeds. 

At the moment, its native INJ token is trading at $37, down by 17% from the all-time high of $45 it achieved a few days ago. 

Market experts believe that INJ will rally higher in the coming months and years as it continues to provide value to the DeFi ecosystem. 

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the coins that have the potential to rally higher in the coming months and year. At the moment, DFC is one of the best altcoins to buy in 2024. DFCs could be worth $10 or $50, and the catalyst for growth could be a listing on one of the major exchanges. However, it is important to do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


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