Phemex Supports Five New Brazilian Stablecoin Trading Pairs

Twitter icon  •  Published för 1 år sedan  •  Hassan Maishera

Singapore-based exchange Phemex will now support five new pairs for BRZ, the first Brazilian stablecoin, in its crypto converter, as announced on its website Tuesday, October 25. 

BRZ is the first Brazilian stablecoin in circulation. It is pegged to the Brazilian Real and makes it easier for Brazilians to invest in foreign exchanges. BRZ is built on Ethereum, Solana, Stellar, Binance Smart Chain, RSK Network, Polygon, Algorand and Avalanche.

The five new conversion pairs supported by Phemex are:


  • BTC to BRZ & BRZ to BTC
  • ETH to BRZ & BRZ to ETH
  • USDT to BRZ & BRZ to USDT
  • USDC to BRZ & BRZ to USDC
  • USD to BRZ & BRZ to USD


Our Phemex review praises the exchanges for the large amount of cryptocurrencies it accepts and processes on its platform. 

Phemex has recently made headlines for its support of research into the economics of cryptocurrencies at a French university

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Hassan Maishera

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