Alchemy Pay Launches New Crypto Micro-Purchases Feature

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Alchemy Pay now allows users to purchase cryptocurrency in small amounts starting at a minimum of 1 USD

Alchemy Pay, a crypto gateway based in Singapore, now allows users to purchase cryptocurrency in small amounts starting at a minimum of 1 USD. This feature is available on its onramp platform.

Micropayment support is now available on cryptocurrency networks such as USDT and USDC on SUI, ERC20, and TRC20 networks. There is additional support for BNB, USDT, and USDC, specifically on BEP20. The minimum amounts you can purchase for SUI, ERC20, TRC20, and BEP20 are 1 USD, 10 USD, 2 USD, and 1 USD, respectively. You can access this feature directly on Alchemy Pay's ramp page.

What Does Alchemy Pay Offer?

Alchemy Pay is a payment gateway that connects crypto and fiat currencies for businesses, developers, and users. It offers solutions like on and off Ramp, NFT Checkout, Crypto Card, and Crypto Payments. It supports payments in 173 countries. The Ramp allows easy buying and selling of crypto and fiat, integrating with platforms and dApps. The NFT Checkout enables direct purchases of NFTs using fiat. The Crypto Card lets businesses provide branded cards for global spending. ACH is the network token on Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain.

Improving Access To Crypto

The introduction of micropayment functionality benefits users by providing a more affordable way to experience cryptocurrencies. It also expands the options for micropayment scenarios, such as small gas fee recharges, buying game items in GameFi platforms, giving tips for quality articles, and subscribing to newsletter services.

Businesses and projects can attract users from the Web2 world easier with lower barriers. Users can onboard with minimal amounts, which reduces their concerns and increases confidence in using cryptocurrencies. Currently, different third-party ramp service providers have varying minimum limits, with most requiring a minimum crypto purchase of 30 USD. Alchemy Pay's micropayment offers more options and greater flexibility, giving them a clear advantage.

Alchemy Pay provides solutions that connect crypto and Web3 services, allowing mainstream users to make fiat payments. They are a top-notch payment gateway with global coverage in 173 countries and support over 300 payment methods.

There are several payment methods available, such as Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, popular mobile wallets, and domestic bank transfers. Alchemy Pay has much experience in the crypto industry and is committed to helping people access cryptocurrencies easily. They want to give everyone the benefits of using cryptocurrency.

Alchemy Pay Continues To Expand 

The Alchemy Pay team has announced the addition of bank transfers for cryptocurrency purchases in the Philippines and Turkey. Users in these countries can now buy cryptocurrencies using their local fiat currency, the Philippine PESO and the Turkish lira. This new feature makes the process seamless and cost-effective, according to the team's recent Medium post.

In recent months, Alchemy Pay also announced partnerships with various blockchain platforms as it expands its presence in the industry. One was a partnership with Pendulum, an open-source blockchain platform on the Polkadot network, to introduce a seamless fiat onramp for Pendulum's native PEN token. Users can easily conduct fiat-crypto transactions with this collaboration. It aims to ensure compliance and ease of use. Pendulum's goal is to connect traditional fiat and decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystems using smart contract blockchain technology.

The company has also partnered with BitMart, a global digital assets trading platform. They have added Alchemy Pay's fiat-crypto on and off-ramp to their exchange. This integration is meant to make it easier for users worldwide to get into cryptocurrency by allowing them to purchase crypto using traditional payment methods like Visa and Mastercard. Additionally, users can easily convert their digital assets into local fiat currency by selling them directly on the platform using Alchemy Pay.

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