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New B2Broker Update: NDFs, Reduced Margin Requirements, and Improved Liquidity Packages

B2Broker, the leading liquidity provider in the FX & Crypto markets, is taking a significant step forward by introducing a new asset class, NDFs. This strategic move aligns with B2Broker's mission to provide its broad customer base with complete asset coverage and exceptional risk management solutions. 

As a multi-asset liquidity provider, B2Broker supports all major asset classes:

  • Rolling Spot FX & Precious Metals

  • Equity Indices

  • Energies

  • Commodities

  • Crypto Derivatives/CFDs

  • Single Stocks/CFDs

  • ETFs

  • NDFs 

Not stopping there, B2Broker is also significantly reducing margin requirements, enabling clients to maximize their trading potential with increased leverage. This is complemented by the upgraded liquidity packages designed to offer a more streamlined and efficient trading experience.

Definition Of NDFs: Efficient Currency Risk Management

Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs) are crucial financial derivatives to mitigate currency risk in cross-border trading. They allow traders to hedge against losses caused by swings in the value of one currency relative to another. 

NDFs differ from traditional contracts in letting the parties trade the spread between the initial set exchange rate and the market rate at a future date. Since NDFs are settled in cash, there is no requirement for an actual currency exchange to take place.

In emerging economies where access to local currency forwards may be restricted or impracticable, NDFs can be an invaluable instrument for risk management. They provide businesses with a low-cost way to control their currency risk and protect themselves from potential losses in international trade.

Supported NDF Currencies

B2Broker's extensive offering includes support for several key NDF currency pairs. Clients can access liquidity for USD/BRL, USD/CLP, USD/COP, USD/IDR, USD/INR, USD/KRW, and USD/TWD. Each currency pair represents an important market, enabling clients to manage currency risk and capitalize on potential trading opportunities in these regions.

B2Broker's Superior NDF Liquidity Offering 

Unlike traditional NDFs, which often involve settlement periods T+30 (i.e., thirty days after the trade date), B2Broker’s innovative approach eliminates settlement risks for clients, expediting the process and ensuring operational efficiency.

Additionally, B2Broker offers some of the most competitive commission rates in the industry, serving both individual investors and large institutions with the same level of dedication and service excellence.

Competitive Margin Requirements

B2Broker has also announced a substantial reduction in margin requirements for selected currency pairings. The lowered barrier to entry gives customers greater scope for maximization of capital use and increased market participation. 

The following currency pairs benefit from the margin requirements reduction from 20% to 10%:











Enhanced PoP Institutional Liquidity Offer

B2Broker's modernized PoP institutional liquidity offering is yet another evidence of the firm's commitment to ongoing innovation and improved services. 

As part of this update, clients are given access to a Prime Margin Hedge account with reputable companies like OneZero, PrimeXM, and Centroid. Thanks to this, STP|DMA (A book) trading is now available to customers, guaranteeing accurate market execution and transparency. 

To streamline the onboarding process, B2Broker also provides clients with a free setup of Prime Margin accounts. Technical assistance is available 24/7 for all B2Broker's clients, ensuring smooth operations and superior customer care.

The Bottom Line

B2Broker's recent update is a testament to the company's commitment to delivering advanced liquidity and technology solutions. With an extensive range of over 800 trading instruments across various asset classes, B2Broker offers its clients unparalleled options for diversifying their portfolios and effectively managing their risk exposure.




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