Coins Supported by SimpleSwap

The following list includes the tokens and coins supported by SimpleSwap for the time being. We strive to keep the list as up to date as possible, so we review it at least once a week.

ZRX Visitez
AAVE 2017 Visitez
ACT Visitez
ADX Visitez
ELF Visitez
AERGO 2018 Visitez
AE 2017 Visitez
DLT Visitez
AION Visitez
AST Visitez
ALGO 2019 Visitez
SOC 2018 Visitez
AMB Visitez
ANKR 2019 Visitez
APPC Visitez
ANT Visitez
ABT Visitez
ARDR Visitez
ARK Visitez
ARPA 2019 Visitez
REP 2016 Visitez
AVAX 2020 Visitez
BAL 2020 Visitez
BNT Visitez
BAND 2019 Visitez
BAT Visitez
BEAM 2019 Visitez
BEL 2020 Visitez
BNB Visitez
BSV 2018 Visitez
BCH Visitez
BCD Visitez
BTG Visitez
BTC 2009 Visitez
BTS Visitez
BTT 2019 Visitez
BCPT Visitez
VEE Visitez
CDT Visitez
BLZ 2017 Visitez
BRD 2015 Visitez
BZRX 2020 Visitez
ADA Visitez
CELR 2019 Visitez
LINK Visitez
CAG 2017 Visitez
CHZ 2019 Visitez
CHR 2019 Visitez
CND Visitez
CVC Visitez
COMP 2018 Visitez
ATOM 2019 Visitez
COTI 2019 Visitez
CRM Visitez
CRO 2018 Visitez
DAI Visitez
DASH 2014 Visitez
DAC 2018 Visitez
MANA Visitez
DCR Visitez
DENT Visitez
YFII 2020 Visitez
DGB Visitez
DNT Visitez
DOCK 2018 Visitez
DOGE Visitez
DUSK 2019 Visitez
EGT 2018 Visitez
ELA 2018 Visitez
ETN Visitez
ERD 2019 Visitez
EWT 2020 Visitez
ENJ Visitez
EOS 2017 Visitez
ETC Visitez
ETH 2016 Visitez
EVX Visitez
FTM 2018 Visitez
FET 2019 Visitez
FIL 2017 Visitez
FTT 2019 Visitez
FUN Visitez
GAS Visitez
GT 2019 Visitez
GUSD 2018 Visitez
GVT Visitez
GO 2018 Visitez
GLM Visitez
GRS Visitez
GXC Visitez
ONE 2019 Visitez
HBAR 2019 Visitez
HNT 2018 Visitez
HIVE 2020 Visitez
HOT 2018 Visitez
ZEN 2017 Visitez
HUSD 2019 Visitez
HC 2017 Visitez
ICX Visitez
IDXM 2018 Visitez
RLC Visitez
IOST Visitez
IOTX 2018 Visitez
IRIS 2019 Visitez
JST 2020 Visitez
KAVA 2019 Visitez
KMD Visitez
KCS Visitez
KSM 2019 Visitez
KNC Visitez
LET 2018 Visitez
LSK 2016 Visitez
LTC 2011 Visitez
LXT 2018 Visitez
LOOM Visitez
LRC Visitez
LUN Visitez
MAID 2014 Visitez
MFT 2018 Visitez
MKR Visitez
MATIC 2019 Visitez
MDT Visitez
MTL Visitez
IOTA Visitez
MITH 2018 Visitez
MDA Visitez
XMR Visitez
MTH Visitez
MXC 2018 Visitez
NANO Visitez
NAV Visitez
NEBL Visitez
XEM Visitez
NEO Visitez
NEXO Visitez
NIM 2018 Visitez
NIX 2018 Visitez
NKN 2018 Visitez
NCASH Visitez
NULS Visitez
NMR Visitez
OAX Visitez
OCEAN 2019 Visitez
OMG 2017 Visitez
ONG 2018 Visitez
ONT Visitez
OXT 2019 Visitez
OGN 2020 Visitez
ORN 2020 Visitez
OST 2017 Visitez
PAXG 2019 Visitez
PAX 2018 Visitez
PERL 2019 Visitez
PIVX Visitez
PNT 2020 Visitez
POA Visitez
DOT 2020 Visitez
POLY 2017 Visitez
PPT Visitez
POWR Visitez
NPXS 2018 Visitez
QTUM 2017 Visitez
QSP Visitez
QKC 2018 Visitez
RDN Visitez
RVN 2017 Visitez
REN 2018 Visitez
RENBTC 2020 Visitez
REQ Visitez
RSR 2019 Visitez
REV 2018 Visitez
RCN Visitez
XRP 2012 Visitez
SALT Visitez
KEY 2018 Visitez
SRM 2020 Visitez
SC Visitez
AGIX Visitez
SRN Visitez
SKM Visitez
SKY Visitez
SMART Visitez
SNM Visitez
EURS 2018 Visitez
SNT 2016 Visitez
STEEM Visitez
XLM Visitez
STORJ Visitez
STMX 2017 Visitez
DATA Visitez
SUN 2020 Visitez
SUSHI 2020 Visitez
SWFTC 2018 Visitez
SXP 2019 Visitez
SNX 2018 Visitez
SYS Visitez
WABI Visitez
TEL Visitez
TRB 2019 Visitez
LUNA 2019 Visitez
USDT 2014 Visitez
XTZ Visitez
SAND 2020 Visitez
TFUEL 2019 Visitez
THETA Visitez
RUNE 2019 Visitez
TNB Visitez
TOMO 2018 Visitez
AVA 2018 Visitez
TRX Visitez
TROY 2019 Visitez
TUSD 2018 Visitez
UUU 2018 Visitez
UMA 2020 Visitez
UNI 2020 Visitez
USDC 2018 Visitez
UTK 2017 Visitez
VSYS 2019 Visitez
VET Visitez
XVG Visitez
VIA Visitez
VIBE Visitez
VIB Visitez
VGX 2017 Visitez
WTC 2017 Visitez
WAN 2017 Visitez
WAVES Visitez
WAXP Visitez
WRX 2020 Visitez
WPR Visitez
WXT 2019 Visitez
WBTC 2019 Visitez
YFI 2020 Visitez
ZEC Visitez
XZC Visitez
ZIL Visitez