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LBank Crypto Exchange Continues Hiring Process Amid Industry Cuts

Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange LBank has broken the trend of receding job offers and making staff cuts, as it continued to hire more crypto and blockchain talent.

 Mark Weaden

OKX Has Teamed Up With Formula 1’s McLaren Racing

The legendary Formula 1 team McLaren Racing has inked a multi-year deal with crypto exchange OKX. The deal will see the exchange becoming the official primary partner of McLaren.

 Mark Weaden

Football Legends Beckham and Ronaldinho Launch Digital Tokens

Names synonymous with the sport of football, David Beckham and Ronaldinho, have delved deeper into the crypto space with the launch of tokens and applying for token-related trademarks.

 Mark Weaden


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Wirex Card

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Binance Card

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Ledger Nano S

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ZenGo Wallet

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Learn more about Tezos.

When investing in virtual currency, you need to do your research. We provide you with reviews of each world top cryptocurrency out there, so that you can find the best crypto coins to invest in for you. This is a review of Tezos.

Tezos is a safe, future-proof smart contract blockchain with an integrated consensus method. The organization behind the blockchain wants to set up a “new digital commonwealth” using that consensus system. Also, the objective is straightforward. The platform can amalgamate new development over time without risking hard forks that split the market.

Tezos is its own blockchain, developed from the ground up. It’s not based on any other blockchain.

In addition, one of the benefits of the Tezos blockchain is that it depends upon a less power-hungry algorithm than Bitcoin or Ethereum. The algorithm is less computationally rigorous and less power-consuming but it still uses a dependable proof-of-state consensus algorithm.

The eventual ambition of Tezos is to build a blockchain technology that works better than Bitcoin. It wants to give users financial incentives for upholding consensus on their ledgers. No blockchain has an on-chain method that rewards improvement. Tezos wants to be that blockchain.

Tezos works in a parallel way to other blockchains. The key improvement here is how new additions are added to the blockchain. Here’s how that works:

When a developer proposes a protocol upgrade, he can attach an invoice to be paid out to his/her address. Also, this approach provides a strapping incentive for participation in the Tezos core progress. Developers obtain tokens as reimbursement for their work. Those tokens have immediate value. That means that developers do not need to search for corporate sponsorship, foundation salaries, or work on internet fame alone.

Moreover, Tezos uses formal proofs to confirm that key properties are upheld over time. Through this procedure, it can add new technical innovations rapidly while also enforcing a kind of constitutionalism. Hence, Stakeholders can synchronize projects on-chain. Finally, the blockchain enables for the creation of bounties.