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BitTorrent Introduces the BTFS Dashboard

The BitTorrent team introduced the BTFS Dashboard in its X post on Wednesday.

 Hassan Maishera

BitTorrent’s BTFS v2.3.5 Mainnet Goes Live

On Friday, the BitTorrent team announced via X that the BTFS v2.3.5 Mainnet is now live.

 Hassan Maishera

BitTorrent’s BTFS Gateway v2.4.0 Is Now Live

On Monday, the BitTorrent team announced via X that the BTFS Gateway v2.4.0 is now live.

 Hassan Maishera


Find the exchange with the lowest fees, best methods for depositing or your geographical area and start trading BitTorrent Token

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바이비트 (Bybit)

4.36 based on 4555 votes

바이낸스 (Binance)

4.1 based on 2369 votes

쿠코인 (KuCoin)

3.88 based on 1100 votes


So you've made a little BitTorrent Token and now you want to spend it? These are the places to do it!

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4.6 based on 5 votes

Pita Barcelona Watches

4.57 based on 14 votes

Cryptoholic Shop

4.4 based on 5 votes


Find the wallet that suit your security, ease of use and anonymity needs for BitTorrent Token.

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Trezor Wallet

4.02 based on 164 votes

Ledger Nano X

3.83 based on 47 votes

CoinPayments Wallet

4.14 based on 36 votes


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