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Are Bingo Bars the New Trend?

What was once associated with the grey-haired and retired folk, seems to now have become an interesting hit with the younger generation. Previously, it was only something that kept the older members of society stimulated mentally and encouraged them to leave the house. Today, it is a common interest that both the older and younger generations share. Though they may play in very different places, the game is still the same. You can have a great deal of fun, no matter what age you are. Go ahead, have fun and play bingo games at Barbados!

Younger Bingo

Between 2005 and 2014, over 600 Bingo Halls closed across the UK. This had a significant impact on how people played the game. When these large numbers of closures began, it was not looking hopeful for the game of Bingo. It seemed as if Britain had fallen out of love with the game. But this was not to be the case. Actually, with more people switching over to playing online, these people didn’t need the bingo halls any more.

But this was not the only way in which the world of Bingo was changing. Younger members of society wanted in on the action too. They created their own ways of playing together. To do so, they have created a Hipster Bingo culture which is still as sociable as ever. If not more so even! With the game itself changing very little, big cities around the UK seem to have caught the Bingo bug and have since created their own Hipster Bingo events. But what does this actually mean?

Bingo Bug

The younger generation really loved Hipster Bingo. This type of bingo looked for a different way of entertainment. The people playing wanted to play, but also socialise with their friends or make new friends. Hipster Bingo occurs in many different locations, but the majority are out of towns in large warehouses where the cost to rent out the location is very cheap and keeps the overall cost of the evening to an absolute minimum. Events often sell out and have their own specialised organisers to bring this specific style of Bingo event to the desired location.

Not only is Bingo played within the warehouse in question but there are plenty of other things to do as well, including there being music, a dance area, bar and many different food trucks for you to choose from so that you can top up your calorie level as you enjoy your evening. This might seem like a strange event but they are always incredibly popular and frequently make it on to Instagram as something that people want their friends to be jealous of. But why has Hipster Bingo been such an instant success?

Hipster Bingo Success

The new hype of Hipster Bingo has been an instant success for many different reasons. Many people think that this is because the youth of today are much more health aware than previous generations. They claim that this could be the reason as to why so many people have stopped spending time hanging around in bars etc. We are not so aware of the damage and danger that too much alcohol, cigarettes and fat-filled food have on our bodies. But, when we become aware, we want to find different ways to spend time with our friends that avoid these.

We are also living during a time where the cost of living is not higher than ever but the late teens and early twenties still want to find a way to remain sociable without having to spend huge amounts of money on being so. The idea of Hipster Bingo is that it offers the opportunity of being sociable and meeting new people in a safe and monitored environment, where there is the ability to buy drinks if you would like to but that is not the sole aim. The Hipster Bingo events have also been a great way of providing jobs for bar staff, events planners and food truck owners in the area, all of which compete to be able to work at these events as spacing is limited. The best of the best are used and it is a night that you will never forget.

Brilliant Bingo Bars

Since Bingo has become alive online, this has meant that it has opened up a whole new world to players who may not necessarily have previously even considered walking into a physical Bingo Hall. Now that Bingo can be played online or via a specific app, the younger generation have jumped on to the bandwagon too, and this has been hugely helped by the Hipster Bingo events. Having been started in Liverpool and known as Bongo Bingo, these events have now made it into their fifth year of excitement and are increasing in their popularity as they spread around the UK as well as the rest of the world, often into some of the most unlikely of places, like Ibiza bars.

Not only can you play Bingo in these bars, but you will be able to listen to some of the latest hits. You can dance around with your friends, wave glow sticks in the air and you might even bump into the odd celebrity whilst you’re there too. Having made such an impact in such a short space of time, it will be interesting to see what is next for the world of the Bingo Bars. And, to see if their popularity continues to increase.



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