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Where Can You Pay With Crypto In New Zealand?

The recent rise of crypto made this new currency take the spotlight on payment methods in New Zealand. Thus, many new companies started accepting crypto transactions. 

So, where exactly can you pay with crypto in New Zealand?


This Auckland-based company is an engineering company focusing on innovative product design utilising modern technologies like portable 3D scanners, which analyse different structures in order to be reverse-engineered.

Cross Group

Cross Group is a medium firm that practices accounting and offers advice to other businesses. Their main aim is to provide help to their clients so that they reach their potential in both their personal fields and workplace environment. 

On top of that, Cross Group offers standard compliance and tax accounting, business growth and development, and other advisory services. They also deliver educational resources to their clients to better understand their business.

Future Health

Future Health is a health-oriented company and an all-natural products supplier. Their services include providing natural remedies such as hemp seed oil products.

Mixed Media Marketing

Mixed Media Marketing is a web development agency specialising in digital marketing. Their services include the development of WordPress and WooCommerce-powered platforms.

Auckland City Hotel

If you're thinking of booking a holiday using cryptocurrencies, The Auckland City Hotel offers this possibility to their guests. This beautiful sanctuary is located in the centre of Auckland’s entertainment district. Nearby tourist attractions include the Sky Tower, Aotea Square, and the old centre of town, Queen Street.

Coin Compass

Coin Compass is a company that concentrates on teaching people all about learning how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Their primordial goal is to teach their clients everything they need to know about crypto, regardless of how much they know about virtual money or how much they want to invest.


This company provides fresh fruit delivery to its customers. Their products are fresh and top export-quality, and their services are delivered all over the country.

Fortyone Architecture

Fortyone Architecture is an architectural studio dedicated to residential design. They provide unique designs for any property according to your family's needs. Even though they are primarily based in Palmerston North, Horowhenua, Wairarapa, and Tararua, they can offer their services to people from other regions. 

Little Sleep Coach

Established in Christchurch, Little Sleep Coach is a child sleep consultancy company that provides families with training to facilitate their sleeping patterns. Their services are dedicated to children of all ages, from newborns to teenagers. They offer at-home sessions, as well as consultations through email or phone. Little Sleep Coach provides its services worldwide.

Oyster & Chop

Oyster & Chop, located in the central Viaduct Basin in Auckland, is a fine dining and award-winning restaurant. Their specialities include fresh seafood and steaks.

International online companies that use crypto

Companies like Microsoft, PayPal, and Twitch have adopted and are currently using cryptocurrencies as payment methods. Many other companies are offering such services, for example, Tesla and Overstock. So, regardless of location, you can benefit from these modern payment features.

Some online casinos accept cryptocurrencies

Many new gambling platforms have implemented this feature in order to provide users with a stress-free and secure experience when playing casino games. Online casinos started to add this new feature so that players can benefit from all advantages:

  • Anonymous transactions;
  • Instant payments;
  • Secure deposits.

Do many companies accept crypto in New Zealand?

Even though crypto is still not as popular as physical currencies, and we can't yet pay for our morning coffee with it, many big companies have started to accept such payment methods. 

Apart from the numerous online businesses which adapted their transaction policy according to the market, the number of offline stores is increasing as the customers begin to demand it.

Some may find this new upgrade helpful and necessary, while others may consider it redundant as there still are doubts about how people can benefit from using crypto. 

Bitcoin ATMs soon to be found in New Zealand

What is the purpose of a Bitcoin ATM? It allows an individual to buy cryptocurrencies and even Bitcoin by using a debit or credit card. There are some Bitcoin ATMs that offer the feature of authorising the purchase and the sale of Bitcoin. Therefore, people can convert cryptocurrencies into cash and withdraw them like any other typical ATM. 

Recently, the first Bitcoin ATM was launched in Auckland, so in the future we can expect the number of such ATMs to increase.

The reason businesses and customers prefer crypto as a payment method

Since the beginning, cryptocurrencies have never failed to entice people. For those who understand how Bitcoin and crypto work, the reasons behind the usage of such currencies are more than obvious. But, for those who are unsure, we elaborated some factual points on why businesses go through this change and embrace various payment methods.

It's an alternative payment method for those who don't have a bank account

Virtual money is easy to use and facilitates the market for those who do not want to open a bank account. How? These transactions can be made internationally between multiple counterparts by accessing crypto wallets or other apps such as BitPay. All these methods can be used without going through financial institutions.

Low fees 

Crypto users are aware of the benefits of these payment methods as the transaction fees are much lower compared to their credit card equivalent. For example, PayPal transactions require a 4% or even more depending on your preferred transaction speed. With crypto wallets, these charges can be 1% or even lower.

Higher speed of the transactions

One primary reason people turn to crypto transactions is the higher speed of these transactions. Crypto users do not have to wait to make deposits regardless of the virtual money they transfer and can make instant payments without waiting for other banking processes. 

A lot of global transactions are made these days using crypto. Do you want to buy a vehicle out of your country? If you're using cryptocurrencies, there's no need to call your bank to make a deposit and wait for further processes to be done. 

Lower risk of fraud

Even though cryptocurrencies did not gain the trust of all individuals, it may come as a surprise for some to find out that Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible payment methods, which means that the risk of users being frauded is much lower. It is almost impossible to defraud someone using digital currencies, which is a primary concern for many business owners, as they can better manage their cash flow. 

Virtual currencies will become a normality

For some, cryptocurrencies are still a futuristic concept. However, along with the fast-paced technology, changes need to be made. The future looks promising for digital payment methods as they have become more secure, convenient, and accessible to everyone.

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