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CryptX Wallet is an enterprise-grade operational wallet with strong security features. It supports over 100 coins and uses a simple interface to handle multiple coin balances. It is ideal for users who accept diverse coins, need to manage liquidity, and hedge against volatility.

Its primary feature is the ability to swap coins nearly instantly, and more importantly, its Auto Swap feature allows wallet holders to set up rules that trigger coin swaps whenever balances hit minimums or maximums. CryptX Wallet uses SegWit Bech32 to facilitate transaction batching which translates into faster transactions with lower fees.

CryptX Wallet is integrated into several crypto ATMs as a wallet option, making it even easier to setup and use. Customers include crypto ATM operators, casinos, gaming businesses, and e-commerce ventures.

CryptX started in 2018. Its CEO, George Gvazava, is a leading financial expert who advises and lectures at universities in France and Georgia. He was named by Forbes in their “30 under 30 –  Finance” feature this year.

At CryptX's website, they refer to themselves as a "Swiss Bank for Digital Coins":

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CryptX Wallet supports 108 different cryptocurrencies (all of which are listed above). 

If you want to find an exchange where you can trade in the above cryptocurrenices, check out our Cryptocurrency Exchange List.

Deposits are free. A fee of 0.2% per transaction value is assessed. A variable fee schedule is also possible based on transaction volume.

CryptX Fees

CryptX Wallet costs nothing to set up.

The web UI is streamlined and designed to be very easy to use. Creating wallets for different coins, swapping coins, and retrieving transaction histories can all be done in 1-2 clicks.

CryptX Wallet provides customer support via e-mail with a dedicated account manager, ready to answer any questions and handle any issues that arise.

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No personal information or verification is required to set up a CryptX Group account, just an e-mail address.

CryptX Wallet stores private keys in Securosys Hardware Security Modules, which are kept in Switzerland. Wallet access is also secured with two-factor authentication, and all transactions are logged for audit purposes. You can also whitelist transaction addresses, and freeze wallets as needed.

CryptX Security

Anyone can set up a CryptX account for free at