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Upcoming Metaverse Projects To Keep Your Eyes On In 2022

Metaverse is an upcoming virtual world of social connections that exist outside of time and space being used made possible through Augmented Reality. Currently Metaverse is associated with games, however this world also translates to a new digital economy that gives users the ability to buy and sell goods. While the whole concept is new, there are some interesting projects in the lines for 2022.

Upcoming Metaverse Projects To Keep Your Eyes On In 2022

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland is a flagship metaverse project which since its launch has already attracted many people and currently stands as one of the most popular metaverse games. The project allows users to buy virtual plots of land through NFT’s and use the in-built builder tool to develop this land into any type of virtual world they desire. Users can buy and sell land, create art, engage in online shopping, and play casino games. Even though the whole concept is intriguing, for the moment people still seem to prefer engaging in ‘real’ shopping and playing on sites such as online casino Ireland, rather than trying their luck in a virtual universe.

Axie Infinity (AXS)

Axie Infinity is a fantasy world where players raise small creatures called Axies. These digital pets can be traded and set to fight against other creatures in battles. Every Axie in the game is a unique NFT, and they all have individual qualities which determine the outcomes of their battles. AXS is their native token which is used to buy Axies in the game. AXS can also be won by playing games within the Axie Infinity world. Axie Infinity also uses the Ronin wallet based on a sidechain from Sky Mavis, the makers of Axie Infinity.

The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox is a gaming ecosystem, similar to Decentraland, where users can buy virtual land and develop a variety of digital experiences. This project is being developed by Ethereum Blockchain and provides users with blockchain tokens called SAND which can be used to partake in the governance system that has been developed.

Enjin (ENJ) is the premier platform for NFTs that allows users to create, buy and sell NFT’s. Their intention for the company is to create, distribute and integrate NFTs in a seamless manner. They also offer mobile wallet solutions to allow users to keep their NFTs and crypto safe and easy to manage. Their mobile application also has the possibility of Trading rare and unique NFTs from every industry which can later be integrated into digital arts, sports collectables, games and more.


These projects show how far the Metaverse has come, as well as the possibilities for further expansion of the Metaverse into other areas. While, right now, Metaverse spaces for entertainment and gaming dominate the virtual world, the future of the Metaverse may be more oriented towards serious business. While gaming isn't going away, expect to see some new projects in other areas in future.



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