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TOP 3 Gambling NFTs To Keep An Eye On

If you've been following social media even a little bit in 2021, you've definitely heard a lot about NFTs. Cryptocurrency and NFTs have skyrocketed in popularity so much in 2021 that they are starting to reach large audiences. Even if we declared 2021 as the year of NFT, we would not be exaggerating. Cryptos has already been a technology that almost everyone has known for a few years, but NFTs made its name for the first time in 2021.

TOP 3 Gambling NFTs To Keep An Eye On 1

As we said, the year 2021 provided the birth of many new sectors in which the foundations of blockchain are used and developed. The last development point of NFTs, which managed to make the leap to the eSports industry, seems to be NFT Gaming and the gambling industry. In this article, we will list the best 3 NFT gambling projects on the market. Let's take a look at our list without wasting time.

1. Slotie

Slotie is a brand-new NFT game that aims to combine DeFi with gambling by utilizing virtual casinos. It is an NFT game that seeks to bring the worlds of decentralized finance and casino gambling together by incorporating reasonable contracts into the gambling sector. You are liable to a portion of the various casinos' revenue if you acquire one of their NFTs. 

Only 10,000 one-of-a-kind Sloties is ever produced, so they will offer holders access to Defi Gambling's unique and fascinating atmosphere. The ERC-721 standard is used to create them, which are proof of ownership. This type of NFT gives real-world advantages at over 150 casinos across the world and provides verification of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain.

Sloties, like other projects, have varied levels of rarity. And, unlike other NFTs with simply a perception of rarity, your Slotie's rarity will influence your percentage of Exclusive Holders Rewards. The more valuable your NFT is, the more prizes it will bring you. There are hats; 21 pieces, backgrounds; 11 pieces, skins; 20 pieces, ears; 21 pieces, eyes; 31 pieces and clothes; 31 pieces.

TOP 3 Gambling NFTs To Keep An Eye On 2

Other Information

Users can mint using Metamask or any wallet supported by WalletConnect. Eventually, the mint will be finished on the Slotie website. So, if you get DMs from bots claiming otherwise, ignore them.

They are also responsible for anything that occurs during the project. Doxxed teams are positive; nevertheless, we have witnessed numerous frauds and the owners getting away with it since no one knows who they are with 'un-doxxed' initiatives. So you can be sure that they are absolutely independent of them. You can use Slotie safely.

Here are the benefits of Slotie:

  • EHR (Exclusive Holder Reward): EHR is a stacking benefit, which means that the more Sloties you have, the more profit sharing you get. We will get a 12 percent commission from each partner after incorporating a new online Slotie themed slot game into crypto casinos. Holders of Slotie NFTs receive 80% of the money.
  • NFT Staking: Think of it as DeFi gambling, where you may use any of your NFTs to play the slot machine and collect high-holder awards.
  • 20% Rakeback: The owners will become VIP members of each of the 150+ casinos with whom we partner, with up to a 20% rakeback guarantee.
  • WATTS: WATTs are a type of token that works as energy in the Sloties' universe. Every day, every NFT owner receives 10 WATTs tokens. In three months, you'll have enough WATTs to breed your Sloties.
  • Slottery: In a weekly slottery, Slotie holders can win WATTs, cash ($10,000 weekly), NFTs, or free spins.

2. Gambling Apes

Gambling Apes is an NFT Gambling project with more than 7777 unique characters. At the same time, Gambling Apes is considered one of the first casinos in the Metaverse. By purchasing NFT, people from all walks of life can join this community. All Gambling Apes characters are custom made and registered on the Ethereum blockchain. It's also hosted on IFPS which means no one else is authorized for ownership but you. If you like gambling, having fun and different activities, you can give Gambling Apes a chance.

TOP 3 Gambling NFTs To Keep An Eye On 3

Some of the bet types available on Gambling Apes are:

  • Live Casino, Popular Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat
  • Soccer, tennis, volleyball, Ice Hockey and eSports betting, which is on the rise in 2021, are included in the list of betting types to come soon.

What Are the Advantages of Owning a Gambling Apes NFT?

Gambling Apes is a community of people who enjoy gambling and aim to make money. Therefore, there are some advantages for gamblers. In addition to owning a unique NFT artwork, you can also access the following features;

  • Weekly Competitions: Weekly competitions are held every Thursday night according to American time. NFT owners can attend this event for free.
  • Exclusive Picks for Bet: You can get high winning tips on a weekly basis from the experts within Gambling Apes.
  • Party: NFT owners can attend parties organized at certain times of the year.
  • Physical Collectibles: Gambling Apes NFT owners get exclusive collectibles with cool looks with monkeys on them.
  • Casino Owner: The developers are considering setting up Ape Casino in the Decentraland Metaverse in the near future. Although the casino is open to everyone, NFT holders will receive a share of the casino profits.

How to Buy Gambling Apes NFT?

The only way to join the Gambling Apes community is to buy NFT. The only way to get NFTs is through Opensea. It is now available to everyone as sales began in September of 2021. All you have to do is go to Gambling Apes' OpenSea page and buy one of the NFTs worth 0.8 Ethereum. That's it, you are now a part of this community.

TOP 3 Gambling NFTs To Keep An Eye On 4

3. Monkey Bet DAO

Monkey Bet is one of the few decentralized NFT protocols in the World. Anyone who purchases a Monkey Bet NFT is considered a DAO member. In total, there is a maximum of 10,000 Monkey sales on the OpenSea market. Also, each monkey NFT sold costs 0.05 ETH.

Monkey Minters use Monkey Money, the local currency used at the Monkey Bet casino. The first slot game designed by Invariant LBS is also currently published by Monkey Bet. If you want to join, you can use the MMs you get after getting the Monkey NFT at the casino. Also, Monkey Money is an ERC-20 token and you get 25,000 MM for the NFT you get. Finally, you will soon be able to stake an additional 25,000 coins for each NFT monkey, which is good news.

TOP 3 Gambling NFTs To Keep An Eye On 5

Let's take a closer look at the features of Monkey Bet;

  • The Monkeys in Monkey Bet have genuine utility that influences the game. Trait scores influence your chances of winning at the casino. All proceeds from Monkey Bet are donated to the Monkey DAO. One monkey equals one vote in the DAO.
  • The first slot game uses Monkey Bet RNG technology, which is exclusive to Monkey Bet. Monkey Bet is the name of the game, and it has already been produced and is available for play right now. The Monkey Bet platform will be updated on a regular basis with new games. Invariant Labs created them all in-house. You may try the slot for free right now, or you can mint a Monkey and gain MM to play for real money.
  • Finally, each Monkey is more than just a pretty pfp and DAO token. It's also useful in the Monkey Bet platform's gaming. Your chances of winning at the Monkey Bet casino alter depending on the Monkey you have. RTP and FS scores are assigned to each Monkey. RTP stands for Return to Player, and it increases your chances of winning in RNG games. The Free Spins score determines how many Free Spins your Monkey will earn every time the Free Spins notice appears during gameplay.
  • If you have more than one NFT Monkey, you can freely choose which Monkey you can connect to while playing in the casino. Because there is no rule in Monkey Bet casino that you will play with only one monkey.



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