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Top 10 Advanced Features to Seek in Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

E-transactions are fast replacing the cash exchanges these days. Bitcoin and Ethereum are now blending into society just like Dollars and Euros. If you are keen to step into the world of this decentralized virtual currency, a simplified yet organized platform should be your companion. Are you looking for the best crypto trading platform to start your journey? Here are a few features to seek in any best platform out there!

1. Creative indicators to help you out

Cryptocurrency exchange involves the analysis of the values and rates of two types of coins. Many trading apps have defined graphs with marked indicators, like a DEX charting tool, to compare various ratios corresponding to both currencies. 

You can find tools with varying speed-resistance lines, market trend lines, Fear & Greed indicators, and TD Sequential Indicators. Even if you haven't been through the real-time charts or have no idea how to study them, the creatively annotated graphs provide complete assistance. 

Top 10 Advanced Features to Seek in Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms 1

2. Notification alarms alerting about the market trends

When you have so many coins and so many options to try and gain, it is impossible to have an eye on the changing market trends of each. The best crypto platforms have a quick notification feature to alert you about the current trade. 

Some are dependent on the AI principles and provide you the news about the coins you have used before, or some list out the general news about the daily deals. Since the app gives you instant information, it can save your dragging efforts to check the internet and start trading. 

3. Auto trading support

Cryptocurrency is still a new concept for many. Though we understand the terms and conditions theoretically, many of us are still unable to get the knack of understanding the graphs and changing figures.

Auto trading mode is a safe tutorial option where we don't have to analyse the values and put forth our money, but the app does it for us. It is the best user option to avoid calculation mistakes when one is new to the trade or quite busy to analyse the facts. 

4. Money management analysis

The indicators and auto support easily lure the users to trade without any calculations. Money management is way more essential to avoid addictions and heavy losses. Best apps have a management dashboard where you can find a list of your transactions, analysis of profit or loss depending upon your buy and sell ratios, or your choice of cryptocurrencies among the varieties. A progressive check can essentially help track the exchanging trade. 

5. Compatibility with multiple gadgets

No one seems to stick to a single screen these days. The best trading platforms also understand the remote work of busy professionals and support them with the compatibility of their apps on different devices. 

Working simultaneously, you can remain signed in to your account on various PCs, tablets, and mobile phones without the hassle of signing in every time. If you forget credentials, you can even log in through your email ids too. To the best satisfaction, the layout and navigation designs are according to varied screens and OS systems. 

6. Accepting currencies of all types

Types of cryptocurrencies as many as their benefits and uses. As traders have to be flexible to pay and receive any coin, their platform must support the varieties they need. If you wish to invest and trade for high-valued crypto, the platform should have the versatility to buy and sell among the best currencies in the market. The highly-recommended crypto trading platforms score well with every kind of virtual coin exchange along with conversion to different fiat currencies as required. 

Top 10 Advanced Features to Seek in Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms 2

7. Appealing and user-friendly layout

While you are buying, selling, or keeping an eye on the changing market values of different coins, the best feature you need is easy navigation and an understandable layout. The best platforms have a multi-window system where you can open several pop-ups to check all of them parallelly.

Smart UI/UX icons or drop-down options are also available in many layouts to drift among the windows without any search or confusion. As the illustrations and graphics are equally advancing, you can expect the screens arranged in the most attractive ways. 3D graphics, colourful highlights, customized background themes, or the setting of widgets on the page are some you can expect in a classy-looking app. 

8. Insurance for money and data

While looking for features, it is essential to check the platform's reliability. These days, we can find insurance and repayment guarantees provided by the developers to assure safety. To establish their existence that they aren't any bot site, you can find the best crypto trading platforms listing out their staff and developers' details along with their social media profiles. 

9. Money transfers along with exchanges

Trading platforms generally have wallets for exchanging coins where you can sell and buy. Above this trade, several of them also provide payment opportunities. You can convert the currency available with you to the required choice of the receivers and directly wire the money through the same wallet. A single platform with multiple features saves your time and reduces your efforts of maintaining multiple apps. 

10. Instant customer care and hacking alerts

Since cyber-crimes like phishing are unforeseen threats, customer care contacts are essential. The reliable cryptocurrency platforms provide a direct email, chat, or telephonic support rather than on-page FAQ forms. You can also find advanced options like "block my account" to exercise immediate action. You can also find signalling alerts to keep you informed about hacking or unknown transactions. The app basically allows you to authorize access to your account on other devices and signals every time someone tries to get through.

All these features and factors might not be essential for your work and experience. But an advanced platform for currently budding cryptocurrency aims to provide the best to each of its users. These features provide the best support to understand the working and marketing among different coins even if you have just started now!



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