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The Rise of Blockchain Gaming Sites

Since around 2010 when Bitcoin began gaining it’s ‘real’ power, a lot of online services began using cryptocurrency as a payment method. The same was true for online casinos.

At first there were only early adopters, offering Bitcoin payments as one of the options, but soon after that the first crypto casinos were born, building their entire services around crypto. You could only play with crypto, all their casino bonuses were in Bitcoin, everything was fast and simple.

But in the last few years we have been witnessing a rise of Blockchain crypto casinos. Like the first Bitcoin casinos, their entire offer was built around crypto as well, but they also employed Blockchain as their main technology running their games or their entire casinos. And these casinos have been mostly very well accepted by the crypto community.

Some most recognizable are BC.Game, Crypto.Games, Bitsler, Roobet, Paradice, OneHash, ...

What’s the Difference Between Blockchain Casinos and Others?

At first, all casinos look the same: they have a collection of games, they offer some bonuses, list their payment options, offer online support for their players and run additional promotions and contests to keep their players engaged.

The above is also true for Blockchain casinos, so in order to stand out, they had to do something differently. Once you look at their websites and what they offer, you can quickly see that Blockchain casinos are incredibly similar to one another and at the same time very different from all other casinos.

  1. They all use darker websites with modern graphics and illustrations working better with online gamers used to those settings.
  2. They only offer crypto payments and don’t work with any third party payment providers, utilizing modern e-wallets and low crypto transaction fees.
  3. They don’t offer traditional match bonuses or free spins but either have some small free faucets or don’t have any bonuses at all.
  4. They all have a lot more tournaments, contests and other promotions for existing players than regular casinos.
  5. They all have some form of public chat on their websites and try to revert their players to solve their problems there putting the load off their online support team.
  6. They aren’t licensed. Since Blockchain casinos legally don’t need an official license, there is no third party company that would test their software, support, randomness, fairness, ...
  7. And the most interesting thing of all, instead of hosting thousands of games, they usually have only around ten games or so. Using their own software, they build games using Blockchain technology and offer their players a way to prove the game’s fairness.

The Rise of Blockchain Gaming Sites

Is that better or worse?

Blockchain casinos are much simpler to use, they have a lot less content on their sites, so it’s easier to get around, their fees are smaller due to less needed support and no third party payment or software providers, but they are completely unregulated.

The overall experience in Blockchain casinos is great, but there is always some risk included as you can never be truly sure if their services are fair and random.



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