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RollerCoin: A Revolutionary Free Mining Simulation Game

RollerCoin is a free cryptocurrency mining simulation game with Bitcoin as the payment method. Gamers can enjoy the fruits of an exciting and innovative game while earning Bitcoin (BTC). RollerCoin encapsulates the excitement of mining and making money without all the tedious technical aspects of the process. 

Gamers will create an avatar character, which will be leveled up as the players progress on the RollerCoin platform. Throughout the RollerCoin gaming experience, users will take on unique adventures, compete in players-versus-player-style gameplay against friends, and witness Satoshi's arrival.

What Has Made RollerCoin So Popular?

The sheer cost of setting up a Bitcoin mining facility is enough to deter any crypto enthusiast. That’s why the ability to freely mine BTC while playing a simulation mining game is a large part of what has contributed to the platform's success. Once players have earned funds, they can either withdraw BTC directly or continue to invest in the game. 

RollerCoin is on a long list of the fast-growing GameFi (Gamified Finance) sector, which is a part of blockchain’s Web3 space. Hugely successful GameFi platforms such as Axie Infinity and The SANDBOX offer a means to earn while playing a video game, inspiring other developers and projects to offer a similar service. Participants are made to feel like they are part of the developer’s vision for the game, contributing to its success by committing to play. 

How To Make Money With RollerCoin

A simplistic game, with earnings and rewards dependent on your power extraction, can be achieved by buying miners to do the work, playing mini-games on the site, and earning Rollertokens—the game’s currency. Mini-games increase gamers’ extraction power for 24 hours, so buying miners is generally considered more productive. 

You’ll still earn money from your team of miners when you're not playing of your own accord. RollerCoin also offers a great mobile app, giving players on-the-go access. The pixelated display gives the game a kind of early 90s late 80s feel, which adds to the experience of playing a mining simulator. 

How To Withdraw Funds From RollerCoin

Getting funds out of your RollerCoin account couldn’t be easier. As you play the game, you will earn Satoshi or a small unit of BTC. The money is then put into your wallet that you’ve registered with your game account, then you can choose what you want to do with it.

You can either reinvest it into the game or withdraw the funds from your Wallet. This could entail you choosing to withdraw it and send it to your Bitcoin wallet, or you can leave it in the wallet and have access to it while in the RollerCoin game. Transfers will be done quickly and easily, with just Bitcoin network times to consider.

How To Make Money Playing RollerCoin

We’ve told you how to play, but there are always some extra little things you can do to maximize your profits. Firstly, ensure you’re playing daily and get progressive funds updates. Another advice for players who have purchased miners would be to recharge them daily.

Take advantage of the referral program for any new players coming to the game. Another thing to look out for is the loot boxes, which will give you BTC and game-based mining rewards. Try your best to win the mini-games, as this is where you’ll get rewards. 

Latest RollerCoin Features

As with many top-tier GameFi projects, the game is regularly updated to ensure you’re enjoying the best possible gaming experience. The latest upgrade is the miner’s upgrade, allowing players to mine faster. 

Basic miners will be able to purchase upgrade in parts, increasing their mining power and overall productivity in the game. The quicker players mine, the faster they’ll be able to earn BTC. Gamers can buy parts or upgrade them by completing in-game challenges and quick games, which reward them with Rollertokens (RLT).


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