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PR: Why Bex500 Bitcoin Futures Trading Suits Smaller Investors

“I don’t have much money to invest bitcoin, I feel like I missed out the whole bull market.”

FOMO sentiment is quite torching, especially when you dont' have much money available to buy bitcoins. Many people just keep holding 0.XX bitcoin at hand and only earned a few “bucks” as bitcoin is skyrocketing from $10,000 to $50,000, while smart traders have profited some BTC from 5% price movement with leveraged futures trading.

“I'm scared that my money would easily be ost by trading futures contracts”.

Frankly speaking, high profitability always comes with high risks. This is a permanent truth in the market. However, we can manually control the risks by limiting the loss and guarantee the profits!

With BTC futures trading, you don’t even need to buy bitcoin and hope it goes up! Just invest USD to profit from the market rising and falling. Of course, if you trade futures contracts with Bitcoin, you can earn more BTC as well as enjoy the appreciation in the crypto bull market.

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And here’s the great thing of 100x leveraged BTC futures trading

  • Hedging the loss if Bitcoin price crashes, and earn bigger if BTC price surges.
  • Moreover, with 100x leverage, your buying power also enlarges 100x. With 0.01 BTC, you can open a 1 BTC long/short position.
  • Increase the potential profitability 100%. When the price of BTC moves with only 1%, you could potentially make 100% in profit.

Useful Tips to Avoid Liquidation & Lock Profits Up

As mentioned above, trading BTC futures contracts, the potential risk also magnifies a hundred times. Hence, setting stop loss is a “must” used method to limit the loss and lock up profits. Different from the simple Stop Loss that your positions will be closed once Bitcoin reached the price you set, trailing stop can help you enhance the efficacy of stop loss and lead to a win trade.

For example, suppose you set a primary stop loss price at $48,000 if you opened a long position when BTC prices at $50,000. If BTC climbs to $53,000, you can adjust the stop loss to $50,000. In case Bitcoin switches its direction and start to decline, you can also avoid the loss.

Bex500 Exchange - Top Ranking Bitcoin Derivatives Trading Platform

To invest BTC futures contracts with 100x leverage, the first step is to find a reliable exchange.

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Bex500 exchange is a popular trading platform in the BTC futures market. It is founded by a group of individuals who worked in the Fintech area and on Wall Street. Though it is a Hong Kong-based company, it has established offices in United States, London, Australia, Korea and more. Bex500 is also expanding its market around the world.

Bex500 provides BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, EOS and BCH perpetual contracts with 100x leverage. Deposits of USDT and BTC are allowed. Besides the well-designed website and app, they also have a great P/L calculator to help you estimate the profits and loss before placing orders. Advanced indicators toolbox, Stop Loss and Stop Profits risks management tools are also available. On top of that, no KYC is required and U.S. investors are welcome to be served in Bex500.

Sign Up and Claim 100% Deposit Bonus

Bex500 launched a 100% deposit BTC bonus recently. With a minimum deposit of $300 or 0.01 BTC, you can enjoy $600 or 0.02 BTC credited in the account. The bonus can be used in trading and 100% withdrawable!

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