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PR: Minto Rewards Go Through the Roof

Minto sceptics crushed by astronomical profitability after the first stats publication

DUBAI, UAE, Oct. 25, 2021. Minto team reports. As you know, BTCMT staking was launched on October 21, and we are pleased to announce its first results. On the first day, 4.4% tokens were sent to staking. This allowed the first investors to get an unbelievable annual profit of 1783.77%. The reward multiplier was 18.84, which even we could not imagine!

Minto Rewards Go Through the Roof

As of the second day, 8.12% of BTCMT tokens were staked, which brought the first users an incredible annual profit of 922.89%. As the number of BTCMT owners grows, the APR will undergo a slow natural decrease. For example, on the third day, 9.82% of tokens were already staked, ,and the annual rate declined to 761.70%. This is still an impressive result, and this opportunity is still available!

Hurry up and join Minto in time to receive the highest possible rewards!

A reminder: the presale is still on, and you still have the opportunity to purchase BTCMT tokens at a special price. Become an early Minto investor and get the maximum income while you can!

The initial price of the BTCMT token is $1.72, but the presale price is $1.5. Only 1 000 000 tokens are available at this price.

Regular cloud mining with contracts, complicated schemes and tricks for your losses are in the past. Our new decentralised solution ensures that you will get several times more profit with a chance to exit at any moment by selling your mining power on an exchange.

By owning Minto tokens, you almost entirely eliminate your dependence  on market sentiment, because with Minto you will both multiply profits when the market grows, and break even when it takes a deep plunge

The BTCMT hedge token is a great opportunity to limit the risks and earn even in the worst times for the cryptoindustry. Your passive income will allow you to recoup market falls and if it grows, your capital will be multiplied.

Join Minto!

Sincerely, Minto team.


About Minto:

The BTCMT is the DeFi mining token secured by actively operating mining equipment. No more maintenance fees, blocked accounts or KYCs on centralised platforms, energy bills and withdrawal delays. Only one DeFi token with an opportunity to trade your hashrate and get your net BTC reward from the smart contract whenever you wish.

All the hashrate is verified by Huobi Pool, the project itself was created on the HECO blockchain in cooperation with the Huobi Global team. Every line of code was audited by respected third-party teams like who confirmed the highest security level of the infrastructure.

100 BTCMT = 1 TH/s

Minto is a digital currency project where merchants and consumers can get rewards in BTC via staking its BTCMT hashrate token. Minto launched a high-tech data center with a capacity of 65 MW, built in the advanced development territory in the Republic of Karelia in northern Russia on the premises of an abandoned aluminum plant. Minto uses the energy generated by hydroelectric power plants, which do not harm the environment. The company pays close attention to the energy industry and uses only renewable resources with a neutral carbon footprint. Minto plans to increase the data center’s hashrate to 120 MW, creating more than two hundred permanent jobs.

You can find our presentation, roadmap, whitepaper, friendly community and more info about us here:

Official MINTO (BTCMT) web site:

Check out our hashrate:

Here is our amazing data center:

Pre-sale is available here:
Guide on how to participate:



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