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Origins of the Roulette

Originally, the game we know as Roulette was not as it is now. Actually, to be fair, it wasn’t even a single game but a combination of three different games which were popular a long time ago. We’re also wondering if there are common numbers in roulette that you have higher chance of winning.

Origins of the Roulette

To find the origins of the roulette, we have to move back in time till the 17th century.

We are in Europe and the rich people were bored and looking for something to do in their spare time. That was the time when the first game rooms were born.


In France of the first years of the 17th century, a pastime called HOCA was diving its roots among people of the bourgeoisie. This game consisted of a wheel subdivided in wedges and a ball, which was placed on top of the wheel.

Thanks to a pivot placed in the middle, the wheel was made to spin.

The ball placed on top, due to the rotation, dropped off, getting into one of the sections.

The players had to guess on which of the sections the ball was going to stop.

It is easy to make the connection between Hoca and the roulette. However, we are still far away from seeing the marvelous game we know now.

A few decades ago, in Italy, another game was pretty famous and popular, and it was going to become the second game worth mentioning when discussing the origins of the roulette. Its name was Even and Odd.

Even and Odd

This game consisted of a dish which had a series of letters “E” and “O” drawn over it.

The dealer made the wheel to spin when the wheel got stopped, the arrow placed on a side of the table pointed a letter which indicated the result. The players were meant to guess the letter to get paid.

The last one of the games which have heavily influenced the roulette was the Biribissi.


This game which had a very peculiar name was also born in Italy, but at the beginning of the 18th century. It was a sort of bingo. Thirty-six slots (in the version created for the street) containing a number each drew on a length of cloth. Thirty-six balls containing a number were picked up randomly from a bowl. The players were paid 36 times the stake, as it is on the modern roulette.

The modern game

Thanks to the combination of those three games and the audacity of a few people, the roulette was born.

The 18th century has consecrated the definitive birth of the modern game. The roulette, as it is today, became legal after a few more decades and available in the casinos by the middle of 1700. Today we do not need to physically go to a casino if we want to play. Actually, we do not need to move a step out of our houses. Fantastic, isn’t it?

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