A Selection Of The Best Crypto Credit And Debit Card For Europeans

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The fast-moving cryptocurrency industry has seen a broad range of innovations and adaptations to turn the industry into one that measures up to the existing financial system

The fast-moving cryptocurrency industry has seen a broad range of innovations and adaptations to turn the industry into one that measures up to the existing financial system. 

A part of that has been catering to the needs of everyone. As such, a variety of major crypto investment platforms and exchanges have offered crypto debit and credit cards, featuring unique cashback rewards and high yield percentage offers. 

Due to banking restrictions on crypto transactions, there are only a handful of trusted companies offering credit and debit cards. The vast majority of those cards suit users who are looking to carry out regular everyday transactions using crypto, as they offer money-back rewards on purchases.

It’s not common for the crypto card account to offer an earn feature, rather this is something that happens in the client’s interest account. However, users can all convert crypto to fiat and withdraw crypto in the form of a converted fiat currency at ATMs, pay for goods and services, or use it in one of the millions of merchant stores across the globe. 

Users will find that most cards are used in relation to bitcoin, though there are some that offer a few other major coins. We will reveal this information and more in our top 5 credit and debit cards for Europeans. 


Crypto.com supports over 100 cryptocurrencies and currently boasts over 10 million users globally. They have inked partnership deals with various sports organizations, including the UFC, showing their brand sponsorship to fans the world over.

The company offers a prepaid Visa card, with up to 8% back on purchases when they spend crypto. Crypto.com has strived to make the card as inclusive as possible, by striking deals with Netflix, Spotify, Expedia, Lounge, Airbnb, and Amazon Prime, to allow customers to use their Crypto.com card.

Customers can also enjoy ATM withdrawals of up to $1,000 in the United States. The cardi is also available via mobile app, as we see now with payments systems like Apple Pay. There are 5 different card designs, with varying Cronos (CRO) staking rewards. The thing we didn’t love, was the fact all rewards are paid out in the company’s native (CRO). 

Coinbase Visa Card

The Coinbase card is a plastic debit card available to users anywhere in the world, allowing them to spend their crypto assets in their Coinbase portfolio. Purchases made using the Coinbase card will give customers the opportunity to earn rewards for every purchase. Which 

One thing that does separate Coinbase from others, is the fact there is no sign-up, monthly or annual fee, giving customers more freedom. All purchases on the card will reward users with 4% of the crypto spent. This is staggeringly high, especially as the rewards aren’t paid out in the relevant exchanges native coin. 

On top of that, users will be able to convert crypto to USD, which includes the ability to withdraw money from Visa ATMs. The security at Coinbase is first-rate, with 2-step verification and PIN protection. All of the transactions carried out on the card are recorded and can be viewed through the company website or via the mobile app. 

BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card

First released back in the summer of 2021, the BlockFi credit card was released to serve US residents in qualified states. But, with plans to expand to the European market, this could be a great option for crypto enthusiasts. With a base of 1.5% cashback in Bitcoin on all purchases, the BlockFi card has been very popular since its release.

The company also tries to entice new customers with an excellent offer of $250 in Bitcoin, which is paid out if the new customer spends $3,000 within the first three months. There are additional rewards schemes, offering up to 3.5% in 4 to 6 months of owning the card. Which 

BlockFi is a great company, acting as a kind of high yield exchange and investment platform, offering some 30 or so cryptocurrencies. Customers can withdraw funds in fiat from Visa ATMs, or spend cash in specific merchants across the US and online. The lack of currencies on the platform does concern us, but being paid out rewards in BTC helps a lot to alleviate those concerns. Which 

Nexo MasterCard

Nexo is one of the main rivals to BlockFi, offering a similar package, but with a focus on higher yield rates and a broader range of listed cryptocurrencies. The Nexo MasterCard offers 2% cash back rewards on purchases or spending with the card. 

The Nexo card has a user-friendly mobile app, available for both iOS and Android, which allows you to control the card; freeze it, access settings modifications, change the pin, and track all transactions. 

The company also offers loans, which require users to create an account, pass basic KYC, and deposit funds into their crypto wallet. The loan is repayable in crypto or fiat currency. This is a great feature and something we often don’t see with other providers. We should mention that Nexo doesn’t have a perfect customer service record, though it certainly isn’t too bad. 

Gemini Credit Card

The Gemini Card is set to launch this summer, allowing users worldwide to connect to their digital assets through MasterCard. The main aspect of the service that differs from other crypto cards is the fact users will be rewarded in real-time, as they complete purchases. The card’s rewards system works with all currencies, not just bitcoin and the native token, as we’ve seen elsewhere. 

What’s more, is that customers will be receiving up to 3% cashback deposited. The cards are accessible through a unique mobile app, which allows users to freeze the card instantly, track expenses, and transfer their cryptocurrency in and out of their Nexo MasterCard card account with ease. 

Gemini offers a loyalty scheme, which is reflected in the colour of the cards; black, silver and rose gold metal cards. We love the fact Gemini is committed to providing a first-rate customer experience, providing a 24/7 live agent support network. Though, we would like to see Gemini speed up the release of the card to European customers. We’re waiting!

Closing Thoughts

Throughout this review, we’ve looked at various companies offering crypto rewards cards, each with its own unique benefits, as well as others that act as debit cards outright. Regardless, all of them will allow customers to make purchases for goods and services using their digital currencies. 

Given that, if you prefer the idea of earning crypto rewards on purchase, then Crypto.com, Gemini, and Coinbase would be the pick of the bunch. However, If you prefer loans and related cash backs on card purchases, Nexo is the choice. The Gemini card offers an excellent cashback rate of 3% on all purchases, which is what makes it our choice for 2022. 

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