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New Centralized Crypto Exchange S-Trade Delivers Simplicity and Security

Press Release

S-Trade, a new crypto exchange with a range of innovative features, has launched with the goal of simplifying digital asset trading. It provides solutions catered to a wide range of traders, including those who favor a hands-on approach as well as those who prefer to use trading bots.

S-Trade is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange where users can buy, sell and store digital assets, as well as access more than 100 trading pairs and 24 fiat assets. The exchange offers a full suite of robust trading features including secure deposits/withdrawals; crypto loans; margin trading; options; futures contracts; new token listings; dual currency options; and trading bots.

A service token plays an important role in the S-Trade ecosystem. It can be used to pay for services as well as a tool for hedging risks during a drop in the market. Holders of the exchange’s token can also enjoy other benefits such as participation in the exchange’s cashback system; participation in voting; reduced fees; personalized offers and increased affiliate rates.

S-Trade incorporates low trading fees, which reduce further when traders make use of the exchange’s native token. There’s also an automated trading facility that can increase efficiency and maximize profits. S-Trade’s ready-to-use trading bots can be customised to meet the goals of each user. These are simple and intuitive to set up, so they’re a perfect way for crypto newbies to start making money without any prior trading knowledge.

Other services offered by S-Trade include the ability to participate in staking and crypto lending, replenishing the liquidity pool and receiving interest on profits.

S-Trade’s mission is to provide users with all the necessary tools and services for managing and interacting with any digital asset, as well as to make engaging with cryptocurrency understandable for everyone. It aims to achieve this by providing a simple, easy-to-use interface and offering proprietary tech and features that allow users to copy trades.

About S-Trade

S-Trade mission To provide users with all the necessary tools and products for managing digital assets. We strive to make the interaction with cryptocurrencies simple and understandable for everyone. The convenience of users and the security of their assets are the priority of S-Trade.

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