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Income Generating Assets To Invest In

Building wealth is everyone’s dream. Whether you want to use the income to secure a comfortable retirement for you and your partner, pay for your children’s education, or attain financial independence, the asset you invest in is crucial for your success. It’s not about choosing between cryptocurrencies and bonds or stocks but making the right decision according to your goals. 

When you hear the term investing, your brain may conjure images of frenetic Stock Exchanges, and you may not be ready for such a demanding lifestyle. But this image is far from the truth. If you do it responsibly, investing enables you to grow your money and attain financial independence. Most assets are accessible to anyone, regardless of their career, income, or age. Some factors will, however, impact your success. Therefore, you should ensure you invest in income-generating assets

What is an income-generating asset?

An income-generating asset is something you pay money for, for now, expecting to produce revenue in the future. Financial experts also call it an investable asset. As you may expect, it’s crucial to engage in this activity by having a strategy in place. 

The secret to getting a big return on your investment is to diversify your asset portfolio. You most likely heard the saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. It’s true! Everyone knows that the primary principle of investing successfully is diversification. Diversification can protect your income because if investing in one asset fails to deliver the expected results, the other investments may perform better. 

Economies are unpredictable, and it’s best to have several income streams. 

Here are some income-producing assets you should add to your portfolio in 2022

Online business

A profitable way to boost your income is to start an online business. Some online ventures require a lot of work upfront, but they also have unlimited income potential, so it’s worth putting in the effort. An online business can be anything from a blog to an e-commerce store on a platform like Amazon or eBay. 

Building your own online business requires time and effort and can take around two years to get revenue. However, if it has a successful foundation, it can become a steady source of income. When it starts running and producing income, you can invest less time managing it. 

Rental units

Rental units have always been a high-risk, high-reward source of income. Depending on how much you afford to spend, you can get a single-family house, multi-family unit, or even an apartment complex. When located in a key area, there can be a constant flow of cash. However, it’s risky to have a rental unit in a time of increased job losses, like the pandemic. 

Before investing in a rental unit, keep in mind that you’re responsible for leasing, maintaining, repairing, and paying its mortgage. It would be wise to build a saving buffer to have extra funds you can use in an emergency. 

Vacation properties

Another popular income-producing asset is a vacation home. Owning a vacation property provides you with a place to spend your vacations and an extra source of income. If you promote and manage it properly, you can gain revenue in the long run. It may sound too good to be true to have a vacation home where you can spend quality time with your family, and that delivers income. A vacation rental has many perks, but for it to become an income source, you cannot set and forget it. You need to maintain and promote it and constantly connect with people who may be interested in using it. 


Even if many doubted it a couple of years ago, cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and it’s not too late for you to get in the game. Digital currency is a great asset to diversify your portfolio, considering the multitude of choices you’re exposed to. Buying crypto is an excellent alternative investment because it offers a complement and a hedge to the mainstream financial system. Identifying the right opportunity and coin to buy is vital when diversifying your portfolio. Also, tracking the coin’s evolution greatly impacts your investment’s success. Using a tool like the Delta app makes it easy to keep an eye on your investments because it provides accurate information enabling you to make the right financial decisions. Considering that you invest in multiple assets, ensure you use a multi-asset investment tracking app to allow you to to manage your various portfolios.      

Before picking the crypto coins, you want to invest in research to learn how to use the market’s volatility to your advantage. If you’re a beginner, investing only in assets you’re comfortable treating like illiquid for an extended period is recommended. 


Stocks are another profitable asset to invest in because they can provide a steady source of income. Most people invest in stocks to reach their retirement goals. In particular, investors prefer dividend stocks because they offer a predictable source of income. If you’re looking for an asset that requires no work and quickly transforms into a good revenue stream, stocks are ideal. 

Certificates of deposit

It’s a great idea to add to your portfolio some low-risk assets like certificates of deposit. Banks provide certificates of deposit as a way for people to earn low-risk revenue. The mechanism behind this asset is simple, you lend the bank money for a period, and it pays you interest. Keep in mind that interest rates on certificates of deposit are usually low, and it takes a while to gain revenue. 

Your own products

Another great way to produce income is to invest in a product you create. Unlike the other assets from this list, this offers more control because you’re the only owner of the product, so you can establish the price and your return. The list of products you can invest in is infinite, as they vary from online courses to eBooks and handmade products. If you have a popular social media page or website to promote the products, you can easily monetise them. 

Final words

No matter what asset you choose, remember there are various ways to generate income. 



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