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Redefining The Metaverse With Innovative Immersive Gaming And Monetization

The emergence of cryptocurrency blockchain technology in the last two years has pushed things into the mainstream, and adoption rates have skyrocketed. With an estimated 4.2% of the world holding some form of digital assets, there is still a long way to go before crypto can be considered mainstream. The industry boasts a variety of new businesses and innovative ideas pushing crypto forward. One of those companies is, a company redefining the metaverse movement, offering a unique take on how gamers interact with digital currency through its immersive platform. A Unique NFT Metaverse Platform

Users are thrown into a novel metaverse world designed to give users a fully immersive gaming experience. Every time players enter the Chainers metaverse, and they will receive a free NFT, their main NFT, or Chainer. Working with a players-ownership model of the Chainers ecosystem, the focus is driving the value of its NFTs and working with a community-driven DAO to help manage the direction of the world, making important decisions, including the introduction of new games, products, and adjustments to the smart contracts. The DAO will also hold contests and quizzes to encourage community interaction.

The game encourages interaction between players and works towards an inclusive ecosystem attractive to users. As a fully immersive platform, players can build NFT-based assets like houses, furniture, clothes, and various unique accessories each in-game avatar can use/wear. Players can use these items to trade and earn money, building their unique space within the metaverse and letting their creative juices flow! is releasing an NFT distribution campaign for its community members before the platform's official launch. It gives access to free limited edition NFTs on the Chainers website and through social media channels. 

NFT Utility And Scarcity In The Metaverse

Despite the rebranding of Facebook to Meta, the metaverse space is very much in its infancy. Though early projections have it as a trillion-dollar industry, mainstream adoption is a while away. The power and importance of NFTs in the metaverse are absolute. NFTs give users ownership in the digital world by providing authenticity, utility, and rarity. 

In the Chainers metaverse, NFTs are the interconnected pieces of the world in which players operate and live daily. They represent gamers’ goods and services, clothing, unique style, and everything. For example, if you provide a service in the metaverse, you will use NFTs to provide such service, and customers may pay using currency or a form of NFT. 

Without NFTs, the metaverse doesn’t offer any legitimacy or value beyond what we already have for computer games. The structure of an NFT bridges the gap between value and digital assets. Value in games has always been present; take World of Warcraft, for example, with accounts being sold for hundreds of thousands at its prime. But this is a unique case. 

NFTs serve as the reward systems in the Chainers universe, enabling users to earn unique NFTs for participating in events, contests, and challenges. These unique items in Chainers will be collectibles that form a core aspect of the play-to-earn gaming world players will enjoy. These items will be supported by marketplaces where users can trade items for cryptocurrency or other NFTs. 

Chainers NFTs

Holders of Chainers NFTs will be able to become creators of virtual space in the metaverse, as well as gain access to earn more NFTs. Holders can enter the in-app NFT marketplace, acquire unique collectibles, and create digital items they can later auction.

The NFTs will act as the governance token in the game, giving NFT custodians voting rights and allowing them to contribute to the development and progress of the Chainers metaverse. Community events will also be held for Chainers holders, including airdrops and a raffle draw. Community members can also redesign their environment, selecting and personalizing the features they have, which extends to character customization and crafting game items.

Innovation In The Chainers Ecosystem

One of the most exciting features of the Chainers ecosystem is the Free-to-Play games, which are massively multiplayer online platforms featuring thousands of players simultaneously accessing the same world. These worlds include a storyline, advanced environment customization, and a browser-based platform where players can download games to play.

All the games offered by are designed to offer a play-to-earn style where gamers can monetize their efforts in the metaverse, helping to incentivize playing and give back to players. Sharing the income generated by the platform with the community is the first step towards a more decentralized gaming space, which embodies. With so much space for growth and development, it will be interesting to see what the Chainers ecosystem looks like just a year from now. 


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