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How to Make Money Blogging in 2020: Ready-Made Solution

They say that you can make money with a blog. And this applies to both personal and corporate options when you are blogging within the organization for which you work.

If you work for yourself, then with the help of a blog, you can promote your product or make money on advertising and affiliate programs. A corporate blog is an excellent tool for attracting customers without a major investment. Useful and relevant information helps build a strong, trusting relationship with customers who will surely remember your brand when faced with multiple similar options.

You can limit yourself to the traditional ways to get value from a blog. Or you can look at the most relevant tools that will empower your blog with win-win monetization opportunities and help you succeed in whatever niche you choose.

Free High-Quality Content for Your Blog: Method #1

Of course, you know that there is not as much useful content on the Internet as we would like. In most cases, this is a rewriting of something rewritten, which, in turn, was rewritten from some content elsewhere earlier we will not go into further gradations. The services of high-quality expert content creators are expensive. But what if you have a small crisis of the genre and temporarily have no place to get new texts for your blog?

You cannot leave your blog to its own devices, especially if it has already begun to gain traction and has an audience, even if it is small. Search engines have already begun to pay attention to the fact that you make regular posts of interest to a certain segment of readers, and are gradually considering options to improve your ranking for specific keywords. Getting off this road at the initial stages of blog development means completely nullifying all the results achieved so far. And if you leave your blog without updates for a long time, you risk getting into a mess.

It would help if you showed signs of life regularly. This is about the same as on social networks: if people do not go to their page for a long time and do not publish updates, subscribers gradually forget about them. And this applies to both personal and corporate pages: organizations try to publish at least one post a week in order to break into the news feed of subscribers, even if there is no significant informational occasion.

Do you know that you can receive content and not only avoid paying for it, but also earn money by merely posting? If not, congratulations: in the next few minutes of reading, you will learn the best tips and blog monetization strategies in 2020. Our short but useful guide will help you quickly figure out how to monetize a blog without turning it into a hotbed of motley advertising and make your resource the best blog platform for monetization.

So, your first move is to become a publisher in the Adsy link building service inventory. There is nothing complicated here: you just need to add your platform and go through moderation. After this procedure is completed, your blog will be available for viewing by potential buyers looking for a site to post their articles.

Then everything is even easier: if your site is suitable for buyers, they will make a request to post their article on your resource. They may have a finished article or ask you to write it for them and cover a particular topic, which, of course, will not go beyond your key niche.

How to Make Money From Blogs

In summary, the list of your actions looks like this:

  1. Registration in the inventory.
  2. Receiving an order for placing a finished article or creating a new one.
  3. Order fulfillment.
  4. Getting payment.

Thus, you do not have to wait for some ghostly benefits in the future or rack your brains over the possibility of placing ads on your blog. Your benefit is realized here and now: not only do you replenish your collection of articles and not disappoint your readers, but you also make money on it.

You can set your own price for services using your site. You are the owner, and this is your legal right. If the proposed article does not suit you for any reason, you may not take this order. It is also possible to discuss the order in more detail in personal messages. Perhaps you will have counter offers to the customer, or you just need some clarification. In any case, the final decision to accept or refuse is yours. Thus, you retain complete control over the content that comes to your site.

You don't have to worry that sponsored posts might alienate your readers. First, you get orders for topics that fully correspond to the thematic direction of your blog. That is, if you write about construction, then only buyers from the construction niche will contact you, and no one will disturb you regarding articles on healthy food or agriculture. Every article that appears on your site with the help of Adsy can be marked with a "Sponsored" sign. This will ensure that your relationship with your readers is honest and transparent.

Due to the fact that your site will be regularly updated with new posts and no writing block will have any power over you, search engines will pay even more attention to you. The natural procedure for developing your blog will lead to better rankings. A good position in the search results is the ability to vary the price for the placement of articles. After all, the more famous and authoritative the site is, the more expensive it is to post articles there. Imagine what prospects are opening before you.

So, let's bring all the benefits of working with Adsy to one list:

  1. Win-win monetization of your blog by posting articles relevant to your topic;
  2. Guaranteed payment after order fulfillment without downtime and problems;
  3. The ability to set your own prices for creating and posting articles;
  4. Moving away from annoying ways to monetize your site with irrelevant ads;
  5. Open dialogue with the buyer in order to clarify or modify the terms of the order;
  6. The right to accept or refuse an order depending on your personal vision of content acceptable for your site;
  7. Regularly posting new articles on your blog without having to write everything by yourself or hire expensive authors;
  8. Improving your blog's ranking with regular activity and useful, relevant content.

It is this way of working with a blog that is a priority in 2020. Nothing limits the freedom of your self-expression, and at the same time, you profitably monetize your work.

Up to USD 1,000 per Month with One Link: Method #2

The second way to monetize may sound familiar to you: through a referral program. However, unlike other affiliate options, when you are forced to talk about a product that you have not seen or used, everything is fair here: you are talking about Adsy. More precisely, you post a link to the service on your blog or social networks.

To join the program, you need to do the following:

  1. Log in to the Adsy system using your username and get a referral link.
  2. Post the link on your website or any social media.
  3. Wait until people are interested in the service and register there.
  4. Get your well-deserved commission.

Depending on which plan the person who came from your link signed up for, you can receive from 10 to 35% commission for the tasks completed by him or her. You can track the situation with your referrals in your personal account: it will indicate how many people became Adsy’s clients thanks to your efforts and how much money you managed to earn from this.

This passive income method can make you USD 1,000 per month or more. It all depends on how many people you managed to attract and how actively they use the service. Adsy also caters to clients who have chosen the referral path and offers ready-to-use templates and creatives for different social channels that work best in each case. You just need to select the one you like and place it on your resources.

A referral link to a service that you use yourself does not contradict the moral principles or other possible limitations that often arise when thinking about advertising. You do not clutter your resources with references to completely extraneous brands and products; therefore, your readers' trust in you does not suffer. In addition, no one forces people to follow the link: you only give information and recommendations, then everyone is free to make their choice.


Now you know about the most modern ways of developing your blog, which not only do not cause any reputational harm to it, but also allow you to make great money. Both of these methods work perfectly for the benefit of your financial well-being and improving your site. And if you decide to combine them, then well, you can be sure that you have won the jackpot.



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