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5 Tips on Finding Trending NFTs

NFTs integration of the metaverse has been a massive success for everyone in the crypto world for 2021. Since then, it has become a trend for multi-media enthusiasts and art collectors to amass these digital assets. You may be thinking that you may be late on the game but fear not, as we give a list of tips you can use to find some remarkable and relatively trending NFTs.

  • Leverage on NFT Thought Leaders
    Their take on potential and promising NFT projects is usually right on the mark. You can also study their recent NFT purchases in the market to get an idea of what projects you can be lucrative. Look at the common hashtags they use across their social media accounts and follow where it leads you. Most of the hashtags on social media like Twitter can direct you towards inner circles with prior knowledge of NFT drops. It may help you gain insight into what's trending and where to secure these rare NFTs. These projects are usually the ones that are hot items.
  • Use reliable Analytics Platforms

These are databases where you can look for historical market sales for op NFT items, particular NFT valuation, price ranges, and even real-time NFT minting. NFT marketplaces such as DappRadar, Rainbow Wallet, OpenSea,, and Nansen are among the database you can use. Also, in these databases, you have the advantage of querying any NFT-related information, such as specific wallet addresses and contract metadata. It may also help to go through each analytics tool to see how user-friendly their systems are and if their system is a suitable fit for you. 

There are analytical tools that mainly cater to NFT collectors, and there are some analytical tools that cater more to NFT artists who are selling their work. Take, for example, This analytical tool leans towards catering to the need of an NFT collector. It has an easy navigation system where collectors can look through detailed information about each NFT.

  • Use Online Calendar Platforms
    This Calendar platform can be one of the most powerful tools for you to see what NFTs are minting. They contain vast NFT news, updates, and incoming exciting NFT events. Other calendar platforms can also offer comparable price ranges from different NFT marketplace in real-time, so you can find the latest NFT drops today. In NFT Drops Zone, you can find all sorts of categories for NFTs and how many of these NFTs are there in the groups. NFT calendar platforms are also places where NFT projects are able to advertise their own NFT Drops.
  • Determine the real value of rare NFTs
    Calculating the value of a rare NFT depends on the following factors such as: how many pieces of that particular NFT exist in the market, which platform are you able to find that NFT, what NFT community does the NFT creator belongs to, and what are the properties of that NFT. A one-in-a-million NFT does not mean that it can become a promising project. You can use various analytical tools so that each NFT project having potential can go through established NFT metrics.
  • Watch out for Alpha Chats
    To define, the word alpha in the NFT world means a piece of information that you can gather and act on ahead of time before most of the people in NFT marketplaces. It's like an 'edge' you can use. Most of this alpha information is in the public NFT chats, where NFT enthusiasts share their NFT analysis, news, discussions, and even scrutiny on some upcoming projects. Stay vigilant of any repeat mentions of a new project. Most of the time, these repeatedly mentioned NFTs are the NFTs that make it big in the marketplace. If you are really into it, then you can join Alpha groups across social media channels like Discord.

Wrapping Up

Aside from the tips we mentioned, you also have to do your part in inspecting an NFT project. You also have to have a niche for NFTs. Just blindly purchasing NFTs that everyone else is willing to buy or has bought does not guarantee that it will become a success. One question you can carry to guide you is 'Why do people buy this NFT?'.



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