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Morpher is a trading platform and a trading protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. It rebuilds the underlying financial markets on the blockchain and creates Virtual Markets using their price data. This means that you can trade a wide range of assets, with infinite liquidity and no fees. Morpher is unique because it eliminates the need for counterparties, middlemen, or custodians in trading. The main goal of Morpher is to make investing accessible to everyone without any barriers.

The Morpher Token (MPH) is the native token of Moprher, which enables the platform’s entire protocol, ensuring a standardised and transparent trading experience. Utilizing the ERC20 standard, MPH is compatible with most wallets and exchanges. The price of MPH is free-floating and not fixed; it is determined by trading activity on crypto exchanges where MPH is listed as well as the price of Ethereum, on top of which MPH is built.

Users stake MPH Tokens to anticipate market price movements, longing or shorting a given market, and the trade then gets recorded on the blockchain. When a trade is opened, MPH Tokens are burned, and when the user decides to close their trade, tokens are minted proportionally to their value. Virtual Markets replicate trading dynamics of the real underlying markets without involving the actual assets and persist until user closure or liquidation. Settlements and denominations are performed exclusively in MPH Tokens. Users can take advantage of rising prices through long positions or capitalize on falling prices with short positions.

The Morpher Savings account offers a guaranteed return on your MPH. It functions as a virtual savings account that pays out in crypto. You can deposit cash from your trading account into Morpher Savings and earn 11% APY.

Every day, staked MPH is credited with 0.03% interest. These returns are calculated based on your initial deposit and do not compound. Over the course of a year, you can expect to gain up to 10.95%, which is the APY is estimated at 11%.

After staking, you must wait 30 days before you are able to unstake and withdraw your staked funds. Each time you stake, the 30 day lockup period is applied again. You have the freedom to redeem your staking profits after 30 days have passed since your most recent stake.

The Morpher Savings account is a form of crypto staking on the Morpher Sidechain. It functions similarly to an interest-bearing savings account, but it is denominated in MPH. The staking process breaks down like this:

  • Stake MPH (deposit from cash balance).
  • Entire stake is locked for 30 days.
  • Every day, 0.03% of the initial amount added to your stake (in MPH).
  • Unstake your deposit along with all the MPH gained.

Morpher's inflationary tokenomics involve daily minting of staking rewards. The rate of return for staking is connected to margin interest. Eventually, margin interest fees and staking rewards may be interconnected to create a more balanced overall tokenomics structure.

Morpher crypto exchange sets itself apart with robust mobile support, empowering investors to access a diverse array of markets effortlessly. With Morpher, users can invest in a wide spectrum of assets, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, indices, and alternative assets. The platform goes beyond traditional offerings, allowing users to buy and sell unique markets like NFTs and luxury watches. 

Morpher's mobile capabilities enable investors to capitalise on market opportunities at any time, providing 24/7 access to stocks, short-selling, fractional shares, 10x leverage, and all of this without incurring commissions. Additionally, Morpher incentivizes users with the opportunity to earn up to $1,500 in cryptocurrency, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly mobile crypto exchange experience. Embrace your investing superpowers with Morpher and take on Wall Street from the palm of your hand.

Morpher is a trading platform that prioritizes safety and transparency. The team at Morpher is dedicated to ensuring your funds are secure. By using a non-custodial wallet, you have full ownership of your funds, preventing them from being seized by anyone. This feature provides peace of mind and eliminates the risks associated with traditional platforms.

Morpher's customer support is helpful and responsive. They have a detailed help center with answers to common questions. If you require additional assistance, you can email their customer support team. The team typically responds within one or two days, so you won't have to wait long.

To ensure complete transparency, Morpher has created its own blockchain explorer - Morpher Scan, which monitors all transactions on the Morpher Sidechain. You can track any of your transactions, including all trades, deposits, and withdrawals, using either your wallet address or a transaction ID.

Morpher prioritises safety and provides reliable customer support, showing their value for every customer and their funds. They understand that trading involves real money and handle it professionally. If you're looking for a safe and reliable trading platform, Morpher is worth checking out.

TradingView is a well-known platform among traders, which offers a wide variety of indicators and drawing tools. Morpher has partnered with TradingView and integrated its charts to allow its users to use advanced trading charting directly on the platform. You access them either by clicking on the candlestick icon below the chart, or by flipping your mobile device into a horizontal position if you are using the Morpher mobile app. Conveniently, you can save your preferred indicator settings and apply them to any market you would like to analyse. This is an example of the trading view at Morpher as of December 12, 2023, so there may be variations to this layout in the future. 

Morpher has a unique zero-fee trading model that is gaining attention in the industry. Unlike other platforms that rely on fees, Morpher does not charge any trading fees. This is a rare feature among platforms with similar functionality.

Morpher can offer zero fees because it uses smart contracts on the blockchain to settle trades automatically, removing the need for intermediaries and any broker fees. That’s why Morpher has no hidden costs or additional fees, which makes it a transparent and cost-effective option for traders. This zero-fee trading model is a unique feature that distinguishes it from traditional trading platforms and even some decentralised crypto protocols.

Morpher offers zero-fee trading because of its unique business model. Unlike competitors, they don't charge transaction fees to users. Morpher's revenue comes solely from operating the protocol. Daily, they receive 0.015% of the total MPH token supply in newly minted tokens. This translates to approximately 5.6% newly minted MPH tokens per year.

Morpher provides various deposit options. You can deposit fiat currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro, and the British Pound, incurring a 3.5% Deposit Fee. Additionally, you have the option to deposit all major cryptocurrencies and stablecoins with a 1% Deposit Fee. It's important to highlight that these fees are imposed by the payment providers, not Morpher.

There are a few important things to pay attention to here. Depositing using PayPal is recommended because you will receive a 10% bonus. However, there is a limit to using PayPal - your funds will be locked on the platform for six months because of regulatory constraints.

If you don't like the option of using a direct transfer and already own cryptocurrency, there is an alternative. Choose a chain like Polygon, which has low Gas Fees. The deposit process is smooth and reliable. Your funds will be available instantly, allowing you to start trading immediately.

Morpher has revamped its withdrawal process, introducing a seamless method that allows users to directly transfer their funds to their Polygon or Ethereum wallet addresses. Unlike the previous withdrawal system that required token burning and subsequent fund collection, the new process ensures a quick withdrawal experience, typically taking under 5 minutes.

To streamline withdrawals on Morpher, a nominal fee is applied to cover network fees associated with transfer and swap operations across blockchains. Again, it should be noted that Morpher does not benefit from any of the transaction fees as they are charged by payment providers and blockchain networks facilitating the transfers.

For Polygon withdrawals, a flat fee of 100 MPH is implemented per transaction, specifically designated to address network fees on the Polygon network. 

Meanwhile, Ethereum withdrawals are subject to fees that fluctuate in increments of 500 MPH. These fees are contingent upon Ethereum gas fees, which can be tracked on the ETH network fees page.

It's important to note that no additional ETH gas is required for withdrawals, as network fees are automatically included in the total withdrawal amount.