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Evo Surfers - Participate In Civilization Evolution And Play To Earn

The gaming industry is constantly changing and evolving. With the emergence of crypto, we have seen the growth of GameFi. A new and exciting addition to GameFi is Evo Surfers, which offers an innovative decentralized civilization-based user-generated gaming experience. 

Something that immediately stood out to us as we began to explore the Evo Surfers game environment was that the theme of the game differed greatly from other GameFi platforms we’ve reviewed.It is first of a kind civilization advancement themed game. In Evo Surfers, players complete an array of tasks as a means to progress civilization and make profits from a variety of things:NFTs,  in-game token EVOG, platform token EVO and even Defi. 

  1. Pay to earn NFTs

Within the expansive Evo Surfers ecosystem, players will be able to have their own unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) such as CaCha and patents. The level of personalization extends to player avatars, technology, skills and attributes, as well as more tangible hard assets like land and real estate. 

There are three types of in-game NFTS. First one is Cacha.CaCha represents players' unique NFT avatars in the game—the name CaCha is onomatopoeia representing the sound of breaking bones,they are skeleton surfers of civilization!

Each character will have its own identity that is loosely defined by its race and occupation, of which there are six: 

  • Red Skull / Iron Hands
  • Green Skull / Broken Teeth
  • Purple Skull / Cunning Moon
  • White Skull / Steel Bones
  • Crystal Skull / Broken Skull
  • Golden Skull / Sun Chasers

Every race and occupation has its own distinct attributes that allow them to influence arena battles in different ways. Another thing to consider is player stamina, as Evo Surfers use stamina to manage the use of game resources.

CaCha’s are born from eggs, which are designed as blind boxes, meaning it’s a mystery as to exactly what comes out. These eggs are traded within the Evo Surfers ecosystem, as well as on external marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Second type of NFTs are patents, this include skills, tools or technologies players use to improve their combating skills. Evo Surfers can patent their CaChas, which acts as a kind of copyright. This is a unique feature and really adds value to the process of breeding CaCha’s, as every time someone buys that patented CaCha, part of the revenue will always be shared with the patent owner.

A similar thing can be achieved through unlocked lands and buildings NFTs. Once players reach a certain level of the game, players will have access to the virtual property of various kinds, which can then be rented or sold with a similar patent system—meaning for the lifetime of the game, they will be able to earn. This would give the players an authentic Metaverse gaming experience. 

  1. Play to earn EVOG

As is the case with most new GameFi platforms, the play-to-earn aspect is particularly appealing to prospective players. In Evo Surfers, players can complete simple tasks or battle to receive EVOG. There is a fixed daily amount of EVOG for production, that relates to the number of civilizations unlocked. When you complete a task, the game calculates the value for the Evo Surfer's civilization, which in return can result in unlocking new civilization and brand new technologies as well as adventure. 

One thing we love about the Evo Surfers platform is the adventures offer to players, which mimics PVE style gameplay. Players can form a team of three to undertake adventures into the unknown. Teams venture into a maze to search for EVOG rewards at the cost of Stamina. Adventures have strict requirements on the occupation and attributes of each team, but it is also the best way to earn EVOG in the game.

Another unique feature of Evo Surfers is when players bid against each other in a fierce battle to attain new technology patents using the native EVOG. Patents are won by the three users with the highest bids. The development team were clever to avoid monopolization of the economy, by operating a lottery with a low EVOG requirement that everyone can get involved in!

To make the game even more inclusive, Evo Surfers developers introduced the gene synthesis system. For a small amount of EVOG, players can synthesize two CaCha’s with a rank of three or above to create a new one—each one has randomized characters, with the possibility of giving birth to a really powerful CaCha!

  1. Play to earn EVO

The Evo Surfers team is focused on promoting an all-inclusive world where users can trade NFTs through an inbuilt real-world marketplace. This fully functioning marketplace allows value to reach beyond the gaming environment, relating to the games’ ERC-20 cryptocurrency token $EVO. While EVOG functions as the primary utility currency within the Evo Surfers ecosystem, EVO is the token representing the real value of the system and used for all the finance related activities. 

The Evo Surferswill use smart contracts to control commodity auctions and EVOG release. It automatically integrates the economic rules of supply and demand to ensure stable and steady growth of the game. 

  1. Defi and DAO

Staking EVO is another great way to earn. EVO holders can stake their EVO into a pool and in return receive real-time EVO rewards. Users are able to stake their EVO tokens into the pool, which then rewards 50% of the platform’s weekly dividends to the staked users. The Evo Surfers aim to reward loyal players, by rewarding them with the share of dividends based on the number of staked tokens and the number of years staking EVO. 

Burning EVO to receive a share of the platform’s proceeds is a great way to bring the community together and involve the players in the growth of the Evo Surfers ecosystem. 

The Evo Surfers decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) offers a means to create a democratic environment for the shared world. This relates to significant changes, or potential changes, on the platform—such as raising transaction fees, lowering NFT synthesis fees, or any other major changes—are voted on by the community of players. This kind of system is generally unheard of in the gaming community and is something that has emerged in the crypto space. 

The vision of Evo Surfers is to create a world which is sustainable, enthralling, and one which will be here for the long term. With plans to keep things fresh and continually add to the constantly evolving world, EVO has real potential to drive adoption, incentivise gaming, and stimulate in-game interaction between players.



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