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Crypto: Is it Investing or Gambling?

When some people successfully invest their money in cryptocurrencies, others can easily lose everything. Since their creation in 2009, these digital currencies have become a potential disaster and online investment platforms have become the investors’ offices. A new class of billionaires has been born out who arrived to grow their fortunes. 

Nonetheless, it can be undeniable that there are investors who lost money in crypto trading. This means that this latest phenomenon is not a guaranteed investment and even the experts are divided about whether investing in cryptocurrency is good or not. For those who want to invest in this business in the long term, here are the important strategies to understand.

Crypto Is it Investing or Gambling

The Platform Where You Invest is Matter

Some celebrity billionaires like Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO, have promoted cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin on social media whereas others like Warren Edward Buffett, the most successful investor have repeatedly criticized Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In fact, investing in a digital currency is, in general, risky but some of them are more dangerous so it is crucial to choose the right one to avoid losses and despair. Although virtual currencies are different from other investments, you can look for the best one by searching the company's fundamentals to define whether it will grow or not.

Once you are sure to find casinos which are not on GamStop allowing players to deposit coins or any regulated platform, seek also the best crypto to invest in. Since Bitcoin was the first decentralized digital currency, it is not surprising if it is the most popular. However, today, there are thousands of different cryptocurrencies that you can also choose. Therefore, before choosing among these currencies, here are some questions that you have to ask yourself.

  • Is this cryptocurrency a valuable one and can make significant profits?
  • If it is not the case, how likely is it to become noteworthy in the world's top digital currency?
  • Compared to its competitors, can it bring you more income?
  • Can this one preserve its advantages despite the appearance of other cryptocurrencies?

Analyse the Risk of Your investment

The degree of risk cannot be separated from all investments including the cryptocurrency. So, similar to other investments, it is possible to be careful by managing your risks. The first step you have to do is to understand the risk's basics and be able to know how it is calculated. How to measure the risk involved in a cryptocurrency investment? Before everything, avoid using your life savings in cryptocurrency because if you dare to put them in this investment, this means you are a gambler.

To produce income in the decentralized digital currencies, there are some ways to make it in a safer and more measured way. First of all, make sure that you invest your own money and you have a healthy financial situation from which you can afford to lose. That is to say, you should be certain that the rest of your investments are both strong and stable. Once you are ready to take risks, make sure that you have enough money apart from the crypto investment. When your crypto business fails, you have enough in your wallet to stand up. The more prudent and strategic you are, the lower the risk you will take.

Patience is the Key to Investment

To answer the question asked above, depending on your strategy, cryptocurrency can be either a gamble or an investment. As a matter of fact, when you buy crypto with the goal to become rich in a short time, you will fall into the gambling area. Cryptocurrency gambling is short-term whereas investing in this digital currency is long-term. In other words, before buying a cryptocurrency, you should really believe that this investment will be lucrative in the future and over the coming decades. 

Choosing a long-term strategy is the best way to invest no matter the place you choose to invest. As crypto can be quite unstable in the short run, you should believe that you can make significant profits over time if it is successful. If you are, hence, not really ready to invest for a few years or decades, leave the idea to choose this business. In cryptocurrency, success is not guaranteed over the years because you can easily lose everything in a short term. If you time the market to make quick money in the short run, you are, thus, less likely to lose your buck.



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