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A look at some of the world’s biggest crypto hotspots

Bitcoin has been around for more than a decade now. Yet while it and other digital assets are becoming an increasingly popular feature of investment portfolios, and are being traded on exchanges just like Forex, broader adoption is not happening at the rate many expected. However, in some locations, that’s not entirely true. Here, we take a look at some cities and nations that are embracing Bitcoin and that thus are crypto hotspots. If the rest of the world does decide to follow suit, these early adopters will be seen as the pioneers in digital assets.


The first of the crypto hotspots is the island nation of Malta. It has become something of a powerhouse when it comes to emerging tech. Numerous startups in the crypto sector have chosen this as their base, due to the government’s progressive attitude and, of course, favorable tax rules. With new tools and software innovations like Crypto Engine arriving on the scene, the nation’s profile will increase still further. When Malta’s Prime Minister described crypto as the future of money during an address at the United Nations, it told us all we needed to know!

San Francisco

The area around San Francisco has been famous for technological innovation for the past half century. It’s a reputation it retains, despite new innovation hubs appearing throughout the world. Given that it is home to businesses like Coinbase, it should come as no surprise that the city has a progressive attitude towards crypto. In fact, you’ll find more than 50 Bitcoin ATMS around the city. There are also over 80 retailers who are happy to take your digital payment.

Tel Aviv

Israel’s financial center has always been home to some of the most influential global players. Over recent years, it’s also become a hotbed of exciting startups in the digital currency space. Israel’s Bitcoin Meetup Group is believed to be the largest and most active on the planet, with almost 4,000 members. You’ll also find four Bitcoin ATMs, which is impressive for a city with a population of less than 450,000.

Buenos Aires

By far the leading South American city as far as Bitcoin is concerned, Buenos Aires has more than 140 merchants who accept Bitcoin. Given the currency crisis that Argentina has lived through over the years, Bitcoin volatility holds less fear here than it might in other nations. That shows through in the attitude of the Argentinian population, for whom Bitcoin could not come soon enough.


If you think Bermuda is all about relaxing on a sun-kissed beach, think again. A little like Malta, this is a popular tourism destination with tax laws that attract startups and company registrations. Bermuda’s youthful president, David Burt, is from a tech background, and in an intriguing interview, he outlined his nation’s ambitious plans for becoming a crypto and blockchain hub.


Another one of the crypto hotspots is London. London is not all about history and tradition. The city has remained relevant in the 21st century by embracing change. This is also reflected in its attitude to crypto. You’ll find companies like Elliptic and Coinfloor based here, as well as what is arguably the most generous Bitcoin ATM on the planet.



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