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Bitcoin (BTC) Bear market Is far From Over, But Data Suggests Metacade (MCADE) Could Turn Things Around

2022 has seen a torrent of extreme events sideswipe crypto markets, leading to a sustained bearish sentiment that’s affected even the cryptocurrency giants - particularly Bitcoin (BTC). Only a year after BTC’s all-time high of $68,789.63, the collapses of big crypto players such as Terra Luna, Three Arrows Capital, and more recently FTX, combined with increasingly challenging global economic conditions, has seen BTC plummet more than 75% in value.

With the current outlook likely to continue well into 2023, analysts have been scouring the markets for a glimmer of hope, and have recently unturned a new crypto project, Metacade. With MCADE’s presale already proving extremely popular with investors, some believe a change could be on the horizon, suggesting better times ahead for the markets ahead.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is the world’s biggest blockchain-based virtual gaming arcade, using cutting-edge Web3 technology to offer gamers an ever-evolving array of play-to-earn (P2E) titles. Enthusiasts will be able to enter the GameFi portal to play an increasing range of arcade-style games casually with friends and family or compete in high-stakes tournaments, earning lucrative rewards and prizes along the way.

Several key features set Metacade apart from other blockchain gaming platforms. These include earning initiatives, social interaction with other community users, and the hub itself. There will also be opportunities for developers and users looking for a career in the Web3 GameFi industry as the platform develops further.

The ultimate goal for Metacade is to transition into a fully-fledged decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). With this shift beginning in Q2 of 2023, responsibility for the hub’s direction will be transferred to community members. Dedicated users will fill critical positions within Metacade’s governance, and all MCADE token holders will be invited to vote on the platform’s future direction and the release of new features.

How does Metacade work?

Metacade offers gamers the opportunity to choose from a wide array of titles in which they can compete casually or competitively. The gaming library will comprise a range of P2E, pay-to-play, and externally designed titles. Thrillseeking-gamers can enter tournaments and potentially earn rich crypto rewards, while investors choose to stake their MCADE tokens, the hub’s native coin, to receive a steady flow of income. 

In addition to the P2E capability of the hub, helpful users are to be rewarded for writing reviews, sharing alpha and gaming knowledge, and testing new titles in collaboration with up-and-coming game developers.

Metacade is due to launch its innovative Metagrants program in Q3 of 2023, encouraging developers to use the platform as the vehicle for their creations. Developers will be invited to submit gaming proposals and community members will vote for the best proposal. Successful candidates are awarded funding to see the project through to fruition. The first Metagrant-backed title is expected to be released in Q4 of 2024.

Interested users might well be able to turn an interest in gaming development into a fully-fledged career, by finding a role on the hub’s proposed jobs boards, intended to go live in Q1 of 2024. The platform aims to be the ultimate gaming hub not only for play but also to match dedicated talent with the most exciting job opportunities in the Web3 GameFi space.

Metacade has set up several revenue-creation schemes to fund itself. These include using pay-to-play titles, external advertising, the launchpad to allow other gaming companies to release titles on the hub, and charging Web3 companies to post job adverts on the hub’s careers board. This self-feedback approach ensures longevity and solid sustainability moving into the future.

Is Metacade a good investment?

Metacade has already captured the imagination of thousands of investors by raising more than $1 million during the beta presale in just over three weeks, defying the performance reflected by the likes of BTC in the crypto bear market. Although investment can be an excellent indicator of the potential of a project, Metacade itself has taken several extra steps to maintain transparency. 

For example, Metacade has submitted its plans, org chart, and specifications to CertiK for a complete audit. This ensures that Metacade’s code is fully approved and has uncovered no potential risks to users of the platform, allowing it to proceed ahead toward its place at the head of the blockchain gaming revolution.

The platform’s multi-signatory treasury wallet ensures the safety and security of the platform’s funds, requiring that at least two signatories are present for any transaction to occur. Meanwhile, Metacade cannot access users’ wallets. With mitigation of hacking and enhanced security understandably at the forefront of investors’ minds, all of these features are designed to provide an extra layer of reassurance. 

Finally, Metacade’s potential growth is unlike that of many other platforms. The community has the capability to continually evolve and reinvent itself with the regular release of new titles. Best of all, this direction will be entirely led by the community behind the platform - who themselves can be rewarded for their efforts.

This overall approach lends Metacade strong longevity, currently lacking in many other blockchain projects, and will help investments outperform the current crypto bear market.

Buy MCADE presale tokens now

Although MCADE tokens are no longer available at their lowest value of $0.008 each, there is still ample opportunity for investors to take advantage of presale offers and maximize profits before the presale closes.

Currently in the 1st presale stage, valued at $0.01 each, the value increases with each phase until it reaches $0.02 in its ninth and final stage. At this point, Metacade expects to reach a market cap of $28 million. The earlier you invest, the greater your profit. Metacade looks to be an attractive alternative to BTC in today’s crypto bear market.

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You can participate in the Metacade presale here.



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