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Will CompTIA help you in the cryptocurrency industry?

Having the CompTIA A+ certification leads you to a broader career track.  Together with 220-902 exam, successfully taking 220-901 introduces you to the A+ credential, an eminent and foundational credential in IT. As competitive as the industry already is, passing this exam means you can compete in troubleshooting, installing, repairing and understanding mobile devices, networking and PC. These matters frequently occur in the cryptocurrency industry as well.

In everyone’s professional path, there’s always the question of benefits. Whether it’s about long-term benefits or short-lived perks, it’s practical to know what advantages you’ll get with CompTIA A+. This list answers it for you:

Creates an entrepreneurial opportunity

If you acquire this credential, your technical skills are not only limited to big-time companies. You can actually be relevant in your own business, whether it is a cryptocurrency exchange, an interesting ICO-project or anything else related to cryptocurrency. Some certified professionals have taken a different route in dedicating their IT knowledge and skills. Starting a business of your own using the CompTIA A+ certification as verification of your capabilities is a good way to earn and learn. Since you already have the knowledge and skills required in the practical world, you can build your business and pour everything you’ve learned as a certified, trained professional.

Through this, you have the chance to decide, have the final say and become your own boss. Having a repair shop, for one, is an avenue to show your expertise in hardware and software components. The more qualified you are, the more heard your business will be.

Exhibits dedication in your field

Taking the time to learn and pass 220-901 exam is a testament to your persistence to learn. The effort needed in preparing for the exam shows your willingness to gain the qualifications needed in order to land a competent IT position. Employers can get the idea that since you have undergone the A+ training, you are more prepared and passionate about your craft and of the company’s vision.

In fact, showing up in a company with the CompTIA logo in your resume means you’re not the type to dilly dally. You’re there straight for satisfactory work, growth, learning and everything in between. To add more, the act of renewing your certification after three years also proves your dedication. That is, the dedication to continually learn more about your field. As the company and the entire IT industry evolve, so are you.

Increased chances of high salary

The benefits don’t stop when you receive more recognition in your workplace. A considerably increased salary adds to the whole range of benefits. Usually, an estimated 5 to 15 % can be received when you are a certified professional. This salary can be used to – I don’t know – purchase cryptocurrencies!

However, you can’t expect to receive a high salary if your credential doesn’t match your work performance. Both should work hand in hand. It would only be a total outcry to anticipate for a high pay without giving justice to the certification that helped you arrived at a prestigious position. The same with how you persisted to deserve the A+ certification, so must you also to deserve the salary. But that goes without saying, really.

Widens career path

There’s always more room for career prospects when certifications are vendor-neutral. The A+ certification offered by CompTIA is among the sought-after list. Simply meant, you don’t have to limit your capacities to one field since you have a fundamental understanding of any job related to IT. A whole load of IT opportunities welcomes you once you pass CompTIA A+ 220-901, together with 220-902. You can venture job roles such as Desktop Support Technician, IT Support Specialist, Computer and Hardware Repair, along with Help Desk Technician.

Demonstrates that you are already trained

To be officially certified, you must exhibit a broad clutch of the topics covered in 220-901 exam. This includes your proficiency in Peripherals and Adapters, System Components, Troubleshooting and Mobile Devices, Printer and Network and Hardware Networks. That being said, carrying the A+ badge speaks volumes of your capacity as a professional.

Through your CompTIA journey, you have consciously and unconsciously received a series of IT training. From the moment you start preparing for the exam until you finally pass it, you demonstrate that you want to become a productive and disciplined professional.

Top companies seek certified professionals

HP, Amazon and Microsoft are few of the distinguished companies that pursue professionals who have been A+ certified. These companies know what people need to pass the exam. Because of this qualification, you become more advantageous to the next person who has not been certified. But don’t be too early to celebrate just yet. You will discover that some professionals who don’t have the certification are being hired over the ones who have. That’s because they have had the experience needed in becoming fully equipped in their respective roles.

If you still don’t have much job experience, your certification will be most useful for you. Employers recognize the mastery required in becoming certified. However, you’ll be hired easily if you combine both powerful qualifications—the experience and the certification. Nonetheless, having the A+ credential definitely leaves a positive impression on many companies.

How to Pass CompTIA A+ certification?

CompTIA exams are not tough for the candidates who know how to prepare. The key point is to get the valid prep materials. For that, search the Internet to find the websites you can rely on, for example, such as Exam-Labs. This is one of the most popular exam dumps provider among candidates, as Exam-Labs offers files of the top quality. Why to use exam dumps? Such dumps are the best tool to revise the learned material or to prepare for the exam if you have no time for thorough preparation using all the options available (from books to training courses). These files contain questions and answers that will help you find your weak areas, as they cover the exam objectives.

It should be noted, the Exam-Labs’ dumps are created by real exam takers. It means that they are the most valid and updated. And there’s no need to worry because the more you take the exam, the more you acquire learning, which will soon be essential in meeting the latest demands and advancements of the industry.

Of course, the best variant is to use all the options to have a clear understanding of each concept still, if you have no such opportunity, the valid exam dumps are what you need.


So, will a CompTIA certification help you in the cryptocurrency industry? Short answer: maybe. It probably won’t help you understand cryptocurrency, but if you were to participate in an ICO-project, it may convince investors that you are someone to rely upon. Certifications are always comforting for investors as it shows dedication, commitment and competence. So from that perspective, it might very well help you.



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