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7 Qualities of a Licensed Broker

Online brokers have been getting popular, as the competition between brokers continues to get more fierce. There are tons of online brokers nowadays, which provide different varieties of features to investors. With all of this going on among brokers, it’s hard for people to pick the right online licensed broker. According to most investors, paying a high trade commission is not a problem, if the broker’s platform has all the features required as a licensed broker.

The amount of fraud going on on the internet is much nowadays. So, as an investor, ensuring that the broker you use has the below qualities of a licensed broker is crucial:

1. Transparency in Conducting Business

For any licensed or certified broker, transparency in processing requests along with other business activities is very important. Any broker that implements transparency in performing their business activities is bound to thoroughly list and explain the services they provide with trickery.

There’s no doubt that most unlicensed and fake brokers do not offer correct information about the services they offer. Leading to clients being duped in areas like extra hidden charges, delays in processing transactions, withholding of funds, and others.

2. Implementation of Advance Security

Adequate security is an important part of any business. A broker who can’t get its business won’t be able to implement advanced security on its platform. So, any website with a proper security protocol indicates that they have consideration for clients.

3. Business Location

Any licensed broker is bound to have a business location. Even if they conduct transactions online, a business location is required before they are officially licensed. For most online Mt4 brokers, business location is always listed at the bottom page of their website. So, by either contacting them for their business location, you can also check around their website to obtain the information you require.

4. Business Details on Accredited Websites

Yes, you heard it right. A licensed business will always be listed on the accredited websites of brokers. So if you want to enquire about the license of any, simple research on the broker accredited websites will give you information.

5. Optimized Platform

One of the things that any investor would check on a broker website, is whether it's properly designed. The design and optimization of any website play a crucial role in indicating what the websites are all about. Not only does it indicate the professionality of the website, but it also shows that the broker is serious about what they do.

This also aids in boosting the popularity of the broker’s platform by ranking the website high in search engines. Any broker that can spend to get their licensed and accredited can equally pay a professional designer or developer to optimize and properly arrange their platform.

6. Contact Option

This is very critical for any online broker platform that is legit. There’s always a method to contact them for inquiry. Licensed brokers are ready to conduct business and provide their services to investors. So they will always have a contact option that will enable investors to make inquiries by contacting them. For example, the trending fpmarkets has a contact option that allows investors and traders to contact them for inquiry.

7. Reviews from Previous Users

Accredited broker websites are bound to have previous reviews from investors. This review is what will show more insight into the type of service the broker provides. Whether the past reviews from previous users is negative or positive, it will provide you with more information regarding the broker's business. So, be sure to check brokers' reviews on both their website and other third-party platforms.


Even though the government is working steadily to prevent frauds. You should endeavor to conduct thorough research based on the above qualities of a licensed broker to ensure safety.



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