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Will PTERIA Succeed in Revolutionizing The World of Gaming?

The Gaming sector has been overgrowing for decades and is setting new records year after year.  In 2019, for example, the entire gaming sector was worth about 150 billion dollars, while by 2025, it is estimated that its value will exceed 250 billion dollars, thanks to its continuous evolution and the simplicity of integration with new technologies.  According to many analysts, the gaming sector is opening up to blockchain and cryptocurrencies as well; especially given how this new technology is now well integrated all over the world.

Considering that the current market cap of all existing cryptocurrencies is only 450 billion dollars (source: Coinmarketcap), some critical partnerships with the gaming market could start a rally similar to 2017 one (when cryptos grew out of all proportion without no particular reason). Among the few companies looking to unite Gaming and cryptocurrencies, there is a new project known with a specific name: Pteria DAO!

Pteria 1

What is Pteria DAO

The name Pteria comes from a popular television series available on Netflix: Queen of the South. In that series, the protagonist decides to create her coin, calling it PTERIA. It served as inspiration for the team behind this project, who chose to remain anonymous just like Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym behind Bitcoin. Pteria also believes in changing the world of Gaming, so the project team decided to lead everything from behind the scenes to be able to focus on what matters: Planning, Working, Delivering.

Pteria is a project that started directly with a DAO, that is an autonomous and utterly decentralized organization in which anyone can participate simply by holding a bit of PTERIA tokens. This DAO is based on the Aragon protocol but also has a support governance forum, reachable under the subdomain! As already mentioned, anyone can participate in the DAO with proposals or with votes. To make one, 1000 PTERIA tokens (which are currently worth around 2000 dollars) are enough. To vote, instead, you only need 1 token on your ethereum wallet.  For a proposal to be valid, at least 30% of staked tokens must cast their vote. To be approved, however, a proposal needs 51% of the votes. In short, we can all be part of this splendid combination of crypto and Gaming.

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Pteria DAO and its Token economy

The DAO can decide the fate of the project and approve new collaborations. The first collaboration was with Wallem, an augmented reality application that had an explosive launch thanks to a sponsored video published by PewDiePie, the most famous Youtuber in the world. This application is a PTERIA burning machine, as every time users use in-app purchases, Wallem burns Pteria tokens. The same deal will be made in the future with different games and applications, creating a deflationary token economy like very few in circulation. So far, more than 70,000 PTERIA tokens have been burned in less than 2 weeks; which is equivalent to 1% of the entire circulating supply! (Check the PTERIA smart contract to understand that the burning address is part of the top 10 of token holders!)

But the value of PTERIA will also increase thanks to NFTs and Staking, two new features already planned and approved by the DAO.  In the case of NFTs, Pteria DAO has already sold dozens of NFTs belonging to the first two series: PewDiePie and Pug Dog. These NFTs are unique as they allow owners to earn money from the sales of the relevant SKINs in the Wallem App. To give an example, the Pug Dog NFT which costs 1 Ethereum has already earned its owners 30% of the amount invested. In just 2 weeks! In short, a BOMB-proof token economy!

Staking will also be a breath of fresh air, but don't overdo it. The Staking of PTERIA Tokens is designed for the long term and provides for the blocking of tokens in Stake for at least 12 months. After which they will slowly be unlocked until they reached the cap after 24 months. The interest earned, which is 2% per month, is instead free after 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. An excellent strategy to incentivize token holders, who believe in the project, to close their tokens, significantly decreasing the token supply.

In short, something new that is trying to revolutionize Gaming. Will it succeed?



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