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Why are Crypto casinos getting more and more popular?

In recent times, many new ideas have entered the market and some of them were pretty innovative if not to say revolutionary. These new inventions have also changed the market and pushed new hypes. Not only have new ideas like cryptocurrencies changed the world, of course also the worldwide pandemic did its part in it.

Due to the restrictions many people have started to find ways to entertain themselves at home as they cannot go outside and go to bars or casinos like they used to do before the corona pandemic. This led to the fact that especially online gambling became more and more popular.

Over the last couple of years, so many new providers for online casinos have popped up on the internet that it is hard to get an overview or decide on the right one. It is important to read and check reviews like the Bitstarz Review on Casino.Guide in order to get informed and avoid disappointments or even fraud.

Why are Crypto casinos getting more and more popular

Cryptocurrencies are becoming important

Cryptocurrencies must have been recognized by almost everybody due to their great success and popularity.  The new digital coins exemplify progress and a new era of technical development. Bitcoin & Co have already impacted many different industries around the world. Obviously future-oriented and progressive industries are the first to make efforts to adapt to the new blockchain-based currencies.

One of the fastest and most progressive industries is without a doubt the gaming industry which also pushes technological development forward in many ways. The industry is constantly growing and developing, trying to find more efficient and sustainable ways to make our lives more comfortable and faster.

Better CPUs and GPUs have already improved the PCs in our homes. The gaming industry has always responded with new innovative games with better graphics and improved mechanics. A regular smartphone is nowadays a potential gaming device and more and more apps and games are already on the way.

The gaming industry is quick and constantly keeps track of trends, so it is no surprise that Bitcoin has not only been noticed but has already been incorporated in many ways. One part of the gaming industry that adopted the new currencies extremely fast due to their advantages is online casinos. Trading simulators, role-playing games or slot machines, many of them already have options of paying with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

So it is apparent that crypto casinos are on the rise as big public figures like Elon Musk are giving statements about Bitcoin constantly. But what are the reasons for that? Why are crypto casinos getting more and more popular and what advantages do the new digital currencies have for the gambling industry? We have the facts you need to know!

Key facts:

  • Crypto Casinos are on the rise
  • The gaming industry is one of the first to adapt to the new currencies
  • Cryptos have some major advantages for online casinos and players
    • Payments via cryptos are faster and more secure
    • Online casinos offer great bonuses and are free from local restrictions
    • Cryptos allow more control and oversight

What are Crypto Casinos?

First things first! As not everyone may be familiar with the term ‘crypto casino’, we have to explain first what it means. Well, crypto casinos are basically online casino platforms that accept cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

These casinos offer huge amounts of different games and services for customers who are looking for a way to pay in cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency. Many of these casinos also provide traditional casino games like roulette but also other gambling opportunities like sports bets and online lotteries.

One big difference to normal online casinos is that these online crypto casinos offer a personal crypto wallet for their users in which they can store their Bitcoins and other crypto coins. Before you can place a bet, it is necessary to fill up your wallet with coins.

Once the wallet is filled with some value, you can start playing. Like in any other casino you will win or lose depending on if you hit the right combo or not. To get a payout, you have the option to transfer your wins from your own wallet on the casino platform to your private bank or crypto account.

What advantages do cryptocurrencies have?

Crypto casinos like Stake are gaining popularity, but what advantages do Bitcoin etc. have for casinos and players? One important point is that crypto casinos feature a great deal of anonymity, security and private transactions.  These transactions are impossible to track and extremely fast. The reason for the extraordinary speed of the transactions is that the cryptos bypass third parties like big banks or other intermediaries which improves the speed and safety of the whole process. Once one is familiar with the new coins, the transferring is as easy as any other online transaction that users may have been used to before.

As gamblers have suffered from fraud and stolen identities at online casinos for a while, it is a huge advantage that giving any sensitive information such as a private address, ID documents or banking information is not required for a crypto transaction. At crypto casinos, gamblers are safer than ever before. All you need is basically a functional VPN, a burner email and a safe password and you can start to explore crypto casinos with maximum privacy and no fear of data theft.

No local restrictions and better bonuses

Another advantage of crypto casinos is that the entire idea of cryptocurrencies is a decentralized system. That means that also crypto casinos do not have to follow local restrictions. This enables the casinos to give greater bonuses and develop without borders and gives them a major advantage compared to conventional casinos which mostly suffer under governmental restrictions and gambling regulations, while still ensuring security and privacy.

The mentioned bonuses is additionally an advantage of the crypto casinos. Casinos mostly offer exciting bonuses for players. Every provider has different offers but mostly the bonuses are multi-deposits bonuses, matching deposit bonuses or free spins at the slot machine.

More oversight and control

Another reason that speaks for crypto casinos is that they offer a greater deal of control over the process. The crypto casinos mostly give more control to the player over their own funds. If you play at an online crypto casino that is specialized in one specific coin like Bitcoin, for instance, all payments will be done with that coin which saves time and protects the player from the delays of conventional monetary systems. The blockchain technology which the cryptocurrencies are based on enables an extremely quick and transparent process without players having to pay extra fees for transactions or other hidden features.


All in all, it can be said that online crypto casinos are definitely not as bad as many may think. Actually, crypto casinos offer major advantages to the players compared to conventional casinos and may be the perfect solution many online gamblers have waited for so long.



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