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When was RNG Introduced in Slots?

When was RNG Introduced in Slots?

Ever wondered how slot developers from over the years have managed to ensure that the reels spin randomly, and are exempt from anyone trying to meddle with their outcomes. Well, back in the 19th and 20th centuries slot machines were completely mechanical, and engineers such as Charles D. Fey devised ways in which the reels could be spun with complete randomness by a complex web of mechanical gears and levers.

It's funny because we are so accustomed to digital technology now in the 21st century, and it is a lot easier to produce random results using computer codes, however back in the 20th century this wasn’t exactly the case. Developers were very keen to try new digital technology in regard to slot machines, however they couldn’t actually do this until they figured a way to make the digital reels spin randomly - play spin it slots today. And that’s where the RNG comes in, read on to find out when it was introduced to slot, and what it is.

A brief overview of RNGs

So then, the first thing to discuss is a little brief overview of what RNGs even are, because there aren’t that many slot gamblers who actually have knowledge on the subject. You are probably wondering what RNG stands for, and the answer is Random Number Generator, something that can give you a pretty good idea of what an RNG does too.

A Random Number Generator essentially does exactly what it says it does: it generates random numbers. This is then used by online slot and land-based video slot developers to make sure that the digital reels are spinning completely randomly and also fairly. Without RNGs, therefore, the gargantuan modern online slot industry simply would not be able to exist.

When Was RNG Introduced in Slots

Slots without RNGs

Of course there were plenty of slots before RNGs, however all of these had to be strictly mechanical, because they would not be able to spin randomly if not. Slot machines were getting incredibly popular by the 1960s, so it isn’t like the RNG was something essential to the survival of the industry.

In fact, many iconic games like the Las Vegas Megabucks machines or Rainbow Riches series started out as mechanical slots with no RNGs. Whilst this is true, RNGs did succeed in changing the game for the wider slots industry, and they are now standard to find in games across the slots spectrum.

The first RNG slots

The first RNG powered slots came about in the 1980s, as developers were incredibly keen to make their games using digital screens rather than the traditional mechanical reel format. By the 1990s RNG slots were pretty much the norm, as a whole new demographic of slot gamblers were drawn in by the attractive displays found on video slots.

It wasn’t long after that that RNGs found their way into online slots, something that birthed the new era of intense slot gambling entertainment. Random Number Generators, therefore, are completely and utterly essential to the crazy growth of the slots industry.



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