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What Happened to Crypto 2018?

What happened to crypto 2018?

If you’re in crypto, a lot of people have probably asked you the question: what happened to crypto 2018? Maybe while also insinuating that “bubbles gonna burst”, or “it’s all shit anyways”. However, the answer to the question is not that simple. It is way more complex. The cryptocurrency crash of 2018, which was not the first and certainly not the last, depended on a large number of factors. In aggregate, more than USD 700 billion in value was wiped off the cryptocurrency market during the year 2018. That’s more than Amazon losing its entire market value. Wow.

Our friends at have created the below infographic to explain what really happened in the year 2018.


What happened To Crypto 2018


We hope you have found the above infographic to be helpful, and maybe you can use it to explain to friends and relatives why your cryptocurrency holdings have developed as they have. We all hope for another bull run, and by that time, we should all try to use any lessons we might have learned from 2018.

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Be careful out there!



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