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The Trustee Wallet software is a mobile application that places its emphasis primarily on its users. It is designed to integrate its blockchain network with different crypto service providers. The users can carry out crypto transactions through the application, but also exchange transactions available inside the wallet

Trustee Wallet Review

Some of the key features of Trustee Wallet are:

  • It is a non-hosting wallet i.e., the application does not store any passwords, keys or secret phrases. It gives the user complete control over their assets and users can be assured of anonymity.
  • The software is a multi-currency crypto-wallet with an inbuilt exchange. This feature lets users send and receive digital assets through their Visa Card or MasterCard.
  • The software is hosted on the user’s device and does not rely on third parties for conducting transactions.
  • As far as the technology is concerned, the Trustee wallet has a high degree of transparency. It uses open-source code which is available on Github.
  • Access to the user account and funds can be additionally secured using either a PIN code, facial recognition or touch identification.
  • As we mentioned above, Trustee Wallet software can facilitate buying and selling cryptocurrencies through its interface. However, it does not engage in any operational functions when a user enters into a transaction. In other words, it works as a secure gateway to make crypto transactions without influencing them.
  • The company does not provide any money transfers or other similar financial services. Hence there is no requirement for mandatory regulatory licensing or approvals.
  • The application is well suited for veterans in the cryptocurrency domain as well as the newbies trying to figure out how digital assets work. It has a wide array of functions that might be attractive to the experts.
  • Certain wallets have an in-built feature that allows them to attach debit cards and buy gift cards or vouchers through their interface. On the date of writing the review (28 July 2021), there was no information that Trustee Wallet currently supports either of these features.
  • Despite having a user base from across the world, the company conducts training sessions for its users.
  • Trustee’s crypto wallet mobile application is available for downloads on the Android platform and iOS. At the time of writing the review (28 July 2021), a desktop version was not available.
  • Some of the innovative functionalities include using bitcoin balance of unconfirmed transactions for new shipments, connectivity to DEX and Dapps through the wallet, creating multiple wallets etc. The Trustee Booster kit is another unique feature that allows users to manage the speed or cancel BTC, ETH, DOGE and ERC-20 transactions

Blocksoftlab Inc — the company behind Trustee Wallet is registered in the State of Delaware, USA. Although the team began working on its innovative products in 2016, it was registered as a company after two years in 2018.

Since its inception, Blocksoftlab is gaining momentum in the digital asset industry and has a strong foothold in Eastern Europe.

Trustee wallet is a multi-currency wallet and supports most of the major coins, altcoins and stablecoins. The list includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple Tron, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Cash SV, Bitcoin Gold, Verge etc. Some of the default supported tokens are USD Tether, UAX Token, TrueUSD, USD Coin, Dai, and Paxos Standard Token. Additionally, users can also connect their custom tokens from the ETH, BNB Smart Chain, and Tron blockchain networks.

Trustee Wallet Review

As we mentioned above, the Trustee Wallet software only facilitates transactions and does not provide any financial services. It does not charge any commissions on cryptocurrency transactions. However, users will be subject to miner’s fees. The miner’s fees are levied in the native coin and deducted from the user’s balance when making a transaction.

We couldn’t find any information that suggests Trustee Wallet supports ERC-721 or non-fungible tokens. We believe that Trustee cannot be used to store NFT, Crypto Art or Collectables.

We believe that the Trustee Wallet application is easy to use and works well for different classes of users. The company’s training sessions for its users as well as its team members ensure that level of knowledge transfer regarding the app is consistent across the board.

Trustee Wallet Review

The sports a simple interface. Features like buying and selling cryptos using a bank card make it easy for beginners to jump into crypto investing.

For crypto veterans, the applications subtly pack a wide number of features; like creating multiple wallets, the trustee booster kit, HD wallet, WalletConnect etc.

Trustee wallet users are completely anonymous. It does not require any users to comply with any registration or authorization procedure. All the user has to do is download the installable from Google Play Store or the iOS App Store and securely save their secret recovery phrase.

Trustee Wallet Review

Being a non-custodial wallet, the user has total control over their secret keys. The application also allows users to set up additional security like PIN-code, face recognition or touch identification to open the app and send transactions.

Trustee Wallet is available free of cost and can be download for both the Android and iOS platforms.

Trustee Wallet has a tiered affiliate program with different types of rewards for each section.

  • Users can get a 10% commission on exchange as Cashbacks for inviting friends through the link in the ‘Earn’ Section.
  • The Referral Program is split into two levels — Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 will give you 10% in commissions from referred friends who install the wallet. Level 2 kicks in when the structure turnover crossed the USDT 5,000 threshold. Level 2 attracts a 10% commission on your referred friends as well as those referred by your friend (referee of the friend you’ve invited).
  • The CPA is a one-time reward when your invited user makes a purchase from any bank card. The CPA reward accrues if the minimum purchase is equal to or above USD 100.