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OWNR Wallet is a multifunctional HD wallet created with the goal of speeding up cryptocurrency adoption worldwide. Through this wallet, users can buy cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies as well as sell cryptocurrencies to receive payouts in US Dollars, Euro, GBP and RUB. It supports Visa cards, Mastercard and UnionPay.

OWNR Wallet Review

OWNR Wallet’s intuitive features make it appealing for different segments of the userbase in the digital assets’ domain. It is equally appealing and easy to use for newbies, professional traders, developers as well as enterprise segments. Some of the key features of OWNR Wallet are:

  • OWNR Wallet offers a prepaid Visa card that can be easily recharged online using BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies. This card is capable of exchanging cryptos to Euro by a single click as well as withdrawing fiat currencies from supported ATMs across the globe.
  • The wallet’s smart design is capable of restoring your account with the help of a seed phrase. Not only does it support seed phrase recovery for 12/15/18/21/24 words but also extends this support in 8 different languages. Despite this mechanism, OWNR Wallet retains its non-custodial nature and users have complete control over their seed phrase and funds.
  • Users can choose to generate a maximum of 20 new addresses for BTC and other similar coins, without the need to wait for confirmations of current transactions.
  • OWNR Wallet users can also add SegWit addresses. Using SegWit can speed up transaction settlements at lower fee rates.
  • Additional features like a widget to monitor cryptocurrency prices, balance update notifications, and asset discovery feature after restoring the wallet make the OWNR Wallet a holistic solution for crypto enthusiasts.
  • Users will have an option to order a crypto card through the OWNR app. They can also withdraw cryptos to a prepaid Visa card. The company is in plans to launch a functionality in the near future that facilitates selling cryptocurrency and get fiat assets directly on the user’s card.
  • Possibility of ordering virtual cards (incl Prepaid Visa Card) and buying other gift cards through the wallet.

Here's a video of OWNR Wallet that discusses some of these features.

OWNR Wallet was founded in 2018 by a team of IT professionals with a background in cybersecurity, fintech, cryptocurrencies and marketing. OWNR WALLET OÜ is a registered private limited company in Estonia and is licensed to provide virtual currency exchange services and crypto wallet services (License No: FVT000406). The company also has units in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Czech Republic, Hong Kong and Australia. Of these countries, the units in the USA (registered as OWNR WALLET LLC) and Canada (registered as OWNR WALLET CRYPTO LTD) are also licensed entities. The Australian unit was the latest to receive its license. OWNR’s ecosystem consists of a multifunctional crypto wallet, a cross-platform wallet software, an exchange facilitating crypto transfers, payment gateway and API functionality.

According to a press release dated 13 July 2021, users from 216 countries across the globe can purchase cryptos from OWNR Wallet. 

OWNR Wallet Review

OWNR Wallet supports all majorly traded cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash SV, Zcash, and Dash. Additionally, it also supports all the ERC-20 tokens, including Tether (USDT). 

OWNR Wallet Review

OWNR Wallet’s payment gateway does not charge any fixed fees. However, integrating the payment gateway to your business may attract a variable fee in the range of 3% to 5%. Ordinary users are charged a fixed fee of 4%+3 USD for every purchase.

OWNR’s prepaid cards provide users with much more control through its customizable fee functionality. This customizable fee feature is compatible and highly suited for companies that pay employees in cryptocurrency. Each Prepaid Visa Card attracts a 1.5 EUR service fee per month. Information on additional charges like card loading fee, FX market fee, ATM withdrawal fee etc can be found on their website.

OWNR Wallet Review

After entering into a collaboration with Bitfinex for USDT purchases, OWNR announced a reduction in the fee rate for verified Bitfinex users. Verified Bitfinex users will be charged a new fee rate of 3% when using OWNR Wallet as the payment mode.

We could not find any information on the website which suggests OWNR supports crypto artworks and collectables. Ideally, a wallet that supports artworks should be compatible with ERC-721 tokens. Although OWNR recognizes ERC-20 tokens, there was no mention of any compatibility with ERC-721 tokens.

So, we are of the opinion that the OWNR Wallet does not support NFT, Crypto artworks or collectables.

As we mentioned above, OWNR Wallet is well suited for different categories of cryptocurrency investors. Users can access the mobile version using both Android and iOS platforms. Whereas the desktop version is available on multiple platforms like iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Android, Linux and the web.

OWNR Wallet Review

We believe that OWNR Wallet’s anonymity level should fall under the Medium category. It is a non-custodial wallet and does not store user’s keys or secret phrases. Since the keys and secret phrases are stored in the user's device, the owner has complete access and control over their funds. However, being a licensed company in the money services business, it is bound to adhere to certain KYC norms.

Although users can transact and store cryptocurrency anonymously for low-value trades, the KYC requirement kicks in if the cryptocurrency purchases exceed USD 50.

OWNR Wallet gateway is PCI DSS compliant and transaction acceptance is limited to 3DS and 3DS2.0 only. Users are notified of suspicious activities in a timely manner.

As an additional security feature, users are restricted from attaching their debit cards to their OWNR Wallet. So, for every transaction, the user will have to input their card details.

OWNR Wallet Review

OWNR Wallet is freely available for download and creating an account is free. However, users are charged for transactions.