Unusual Ways to Earn Bitcoin

Unusual Ways to Earn Bitcoin (And Other Cryptocurrencies)

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Unusual Ways to Earn Bitcoin

According to Google, one of the most searched phrases is ‘how to make money online’. Inspired by this, we decided to check the ‘ways of making money online’ after doing a Google search on that. The results returned listed literally dozens of ‘ways’ to make money online. However, from what we gathered, most of the ‘ways’ will just give the user a few cents rather than a few dollars. In essence, these ‘ways’ therefore aren’t really money making tips. One might therefore wonder, are there any unusual ways to earn Bitcoin instead?

Of the few effective ‘ways’ to make money online, we found out that the way to go is the crypto way by way of online trading. To start the cryptocurrency trading adventure, one, however, needs to already have some digital money in his or her cryptocurrency wallet. If you are one such person who wants to start a cryptocurrency trading adventure but does not have the digital currencies in the first place, worry not as below we are going to share with you some unusual ways of how you can earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies online.

Micro Tasks

One of the most effective but unusual ways of earning cryptocurrencies is through completing micro tasks online. There are literally dozens of websites that reward users monetary benefits in the form of digital currencies when they complete certain tasks. Some of the tasks include inputting capture information, completing surveys and data entry jobs. While you will be rewarded with minute amounts of cryptocurrencies after completing a micro-task, you are guaranteed that if you put in the effort and complete multiple tasks in a day you will earn a reasonable amount. Eventually, this amount can help you embark upon your cryptocurrency trading adventure.

Online Gambling

Online gambling is also another way in which you can earn cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, with online gambling, you will have to part with some of your own funds. This is in order to stand a chance of earning cryptocurrencies. Accordingly, online gambling entails a risk of losing money. The beauty, however, is that you can part with a fiat currency. In return, you stand a chance to win and withdraw winnings in cryptocurrency! To give yourself a chance of earning cryptocurrencies particularly Bitcoin via online gambling, you can have a spin here.


If you are a writer or if you have a passion for writing, you can turn your writing skills into satoshis (the smallest Bitcoin units). Blogging websites such as Steemit allow writers to post their articles at any time. Primarily, the website is for cryptocurrency news only but if you can link your story to crypto news (even if it’s primarily politics, economics or an entertainment article), then you are also able to post it. After posting your article, if you get at least 50 upvotes, you are rewarded in satoshis. The more people who upvote your article, the more satoshis you earn.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also another great way in which you can earn cryptocurrencies. When you do affiliate marketing, you basically sell a product or service on behalf of the manufacturer or producer. For doing your part, i.e., linking the customer to the producer/manufacturer, you are given a small token (in digital currency). Some platforms where you can earn cryptocurrencies through affiliate marketing are Coinbase and Ledger Nano S.

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