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Top 5 Surprise Industries that Accept Bitcoin Payments

Even though Bitcoin has gained mainstream acceptance and is widely regarded as the pioneer that paved the way for cryptocurrency recognition, its sceptics have often criticized what they consider a lack of connection to the real economy.

While some of its proponents will argue that it is not necessarily a disadvantage for Bitcoin that it is mainly used as a trading and wealth accumulation asset, there are now several industries that accept payments in Bitcoin – and some of them might come as a surprise.

1. Fast food

It might sound counterintuitive to pull out your cryptocurrency wallet instead of your regular wallet in order to grab a quick bite, but amazingly enough, you can do so across several fast food outlets. Burger King seems to be leading the way since its fast-food restaurants in Germany have been accepting Bitcoin on online orders placed both on the Burger King mobile app and on its website.

There are also reports that its branch in Venezuela has recently followed suit and announced that it would accept not only Bitcoin, but several other cryptocurrencies, including leading names such as Litecoin, Dash and Ethereum. This move was powered thanks to joining forces with Cryptobuyer.

Industries Accepting Bitcoin

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Besides Burger King, KFC also partnered up with BitPay to launch a limited time offer which saw customers pay in Bitcoin for a ‘Bitcoin Bucket’ of KFC delivered straight to their home.

2. Entertainment

Entertainment has largely migrated online and harnesses cutting-edge tech, so it makes sense that more and more providers would turn to alternative payment solutions. Services like Bitrefill allow you to use Bitcoin in order to purchase gift cards for leading gaming brands such as PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox. Although this requires going through an intermediary, it is an excellent option if you are looking to buy your favorite video games with Bitcoin.

In another niche online entertainment sector, numerous online casinos allow deposits in Bitcoin, which can be used to play the games they offer or make other purchases. Since online casinos typically attract users from around the globe, it makes perfect sense that they are set on offering as many alternative payment methods as possible to eliminate burdensome currency conversions – as long as customers remain aware of the inherent volatility of Bitcoin.

Industries Accepting Bitcoin

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3. Sports

Major sports leagues like the NBA and the NFL rely heavily on merchandise and a seamless ticket purchase experience to generate revenue and keep fans engaged. It is no wonder then that some teams have turned to Bitcoin in order to stay ahead of the curve.

In August 2019, the Texas-based Dallas Mavericks became the second NBA team to accept payments in Bitcoin by using the services of BitPay. As the Mavs have stated, fans have been given the option of using the cryptocurrency to purchase tickets as well as official merchandise. The first team to offer that same option were the Sacramento Kings in California, who started accepting Bitcoin payments in 2014.

Over at the NFL, the Miami Dolphins have also rolled out a limited option for payment in either Bitcoin or Litecoin for their home games. If you look across the Atlantic, popular soccer club Benfica, which is based in Lisbon, Portugal, also allows fans to buy tickets or merch by Bitcoin.

4. Charity

If you want to support some of the most renowned charities in the US and across the globe using Bitcoin, we have good news! By using service providers like BitPay you can give money directly to several of the world’s leading charities.

The American Red Cross has been accepting donations in Bitcoin since 2014, and it has been joined by many others, including the Dementia Society for America, Save the Children, the Lupus Foundation of America, and the Rainforest Foundation US. If you need an excuse to put your Bitcoin to good use, now you have ample opportunity to do so.

5. Transport and travel

You will be amazed to discover how far your Bitcoin can get you – quite literally. For example, you can now rent a limousine from ‘A Class Limousine’ to pick you up or drop you off at Newark Airport by using Bitcoin.

If you fancy a longer trip, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Norwegian Air is planning to introduce Bitcoin payments very soon. Considered one of the major and most reliable budget airlines, Norwegian is the largest airline across Scandinavia and the third largest in its category in Europe, while it regularly offers transatlantic routes that connect Europe and the US. Allowing customers to pay in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies could be a welcome game-changer for travelers (as long as Norwegian doesn't file for bankruptcy).

From Wikipedia to Microsoft, there are several leading brands that accept Bitcoin payments – but it seems there are also many companies across niche sectors that have warmed up to the cryptocurrency market. As mainstream adoption rises, we could soon see a snowball effect with many more providers adding Bitcoin to their roster of payment options.



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