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Polkadot Blockchain Academy Launches Fifth Cohort in Singapore to Nurture Developer Talent

Press Release:

Singapore, Singapore, June 4th, 2024, Chainwire

Polkadot Blockchain Academy (PBA) has announced the launch of its highly anticipated fifth cohort in Singapore, commencing on May 20, 2024. A leading institution in blockchain education, PBA aims to nurture developer talent and advance the Polkadot ecosystem.

Building on the success of its previous programs, the fifth cohort in Singapore promises to deliver an enriching learning experience for participants. With the support of 18 experienced instructors, students can expect top-tier instruction and personalized guidance throughout the program.

The upcoming cohort will feature approximately 184 lecture hours, providing students with a deep understanding of blockchain technology and Polkadot. From fundamental concepts to advanced techniques, the curriculum covers a wide range of topics essential for success in blockchain development. Modules include Economics, Governance, Smart Contracts, and Polkadot-SDK.

Pauline Cohen Vorms, CEO and CO-Founder of Polkadot Blockchain Academy, said: “Asia is such a dynamic market for blockchain and especially for Polkadot. Some of our strongest projects, contributors, developers and founders are based in Asia. It’s an important region that is ideally suited to the establishment of PBA’s fifth cohort to educate, seed knowledge, and help graduate a new wave of talent.” 

As part of its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, PBA is pioneering a synchronous remote learning experience, allowing students from around the world to participate in its renowned educational programs. The Academy's dedication to excellence and commitment to fostering collaboration and learning make it a cornerstone of the Polkadot ecosystem.

About Polkadot Blockchain Academy

The Polkadot Blockchain Academy aims to support Polkadot's journey to success by nurturing a strong developer community and providing essential educational resources. Its educational program covers the conceptual underpinnings and the hands-on application of blockchain technology. 

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