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PEOPLE —— A Rising Star

Recently, the ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE) coin has stood out in the cryptocurrency market due to its unique origins, staggering growth, and association with significant events. According to Bitrue, since the 1st of May, the PEOPLE token has surged by an impressive 448%, becoming a new frontrunner in the crypto space!


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The backstory of PEOPLE is quite fascinating. ConstitutionDAO was once a crowdfunding campaign to purchase the first edition of the U.S. Constitution. PEOPLE is the token representing shares in ConstitutionDAO. Despite the failed bid, PEOPLE now symbolizes a significant DAO movement. Let's learn more about PEOPLE below!

Additionally, PEOPLE is one of the smaller market cap coins in the meme sector, with a current market cap of only $640 million. Its future potential should not be underestimated. PEOPLE has gained significant attention from users since its launch. Observe the futures trading data from Bitrue below:


According to data from Bitrue, currently, 54% of traders hold long positions, and the trading volume in the past 24 hours has exceeded 133 million USDT. What is your perspective on the future trend of PEOPLE? If you are also interested in futures trading and making profitable returns, join us at Bitrue! We have prepared a PEOPLE prize pool sharing event for you.

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Digital currencies carry a high level of risk. If you are currently holding or plan to hold this asset soon, please be aware of the risks and manage your assets prudently.



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